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        Friday, May 12, 2006

       NSA Database Has Senators Demanding Answers.

This is a 13 Part Comic.

John Kerry wants to know whats going on

See The Rest Of The Strip Here

       Mathews: Rove Could Be Indicted Today (Or not)

Matthews on Rove Indictment: ‘It Could Be Today’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews appeared was on Don Imus’ show this morning and said that Karl Rove could be indicted today.

MATTHEWS: If, however, something happens with Karl Rove, we’re going to go to general quarters around here.
IMUS: What does that mean?
MATTHEWS: Meaning we will be taping probably on Saturday or late night because everything will change. Last time, when he picked up Scooter, when he nailed him 30 years of charges, that happened on 1:00 on a Friday. So we don’t know when it might happen, if it’s going happen.
IMUS: Are we expecting something with Karl Rove today?
MATTHEWS: Well, it could be today.
It could be next week. Everybody is buzzing about when or if. It’s a big if, big when. There is a lot of talk because he is still being interviewing by the special prosecutor. He keeps being hauled before the grand jury. So something is going on here with the special prosecutor. We don’t know whether he is going to clear him or nail him.

Last night, Matthews reported that the grand jury is meeting today. Raw Story reports that networks are staking out the courthouse.

VIDEO - Jonathan Turley: NSA Has No Legal Authority to Create Call Database
watch video
Jonathan Turley is a Law Professor at George Washington University. He is an expert
on Constitutional Law and legal ethics. He also specializes in legal services for defendants in cases involving classified material. Turley appeared as guest on MSNBC's Countdown to help explain the legal issues with the NSA's ongoing collection of "billions of phone calls" of "tens of millions of Americans."

The Communications Act of 1934 states that phone companies can not give out information on its' customers calling habits. Examining the possible legality of the NSA program, Jonathan Turley says, "If what was reported in USA TODAY is true... it seems to me, once again to violate Federal Law." Turley concludes, "I've spent a day now looking for the possible authority that they would use for this operation and I've come up with nothing."

       93 Year Old WW2 Vet Beaten By Man With American Flag, 4 More Marines Die in Iraq

Local Florida
"93-Year-Old Vet Ambushed, Beaten By Man With American Flag

A 28-year-old man in Winter Park, Fla., was arrested and charged late Wednesday with ambushing and carjacking a 93-year-old World War II veteran, according to Local 6 News...Antonietti said he noticed someone approaching him carrying an American flag on a wooden pole before the attack last weekend...Antonietti was beaten and left bleeding in the parking lot, Brian Stusalitus was arrested and allegedly confessed to the crime, according to the report.

H.L.s Take: Only in Flora-DUH!!!!

Wall St. Journal
Global Warming Will Be Core Focus Of Gore-Led Group

An educational group that former Vice President Al Gore is helping to launch intends to spend millions of dollars convincing Americans that global warming is an urgent problem.
The U.S. hasn't enacted mandatory limits on greenhouse-gas emissions, a situation many environmentalists attribute to slim public awareness of the consequences of rising temperatures.
The group, which yesterday adopted the name Alliance for Climate Protection, plans to use advertising and grass-roots organizing to try to raise awareness, particularly among labor groups, hunters, evangelicals and conservatives in general.

Fox News
Four Marines Die in Tank Accident in Iraq

The four Marines died Thursday while traveling in an M1A1 Main Battle Tank near Karmah, 50 miles west of Baghdad in Anbar province, a focus of the Sunni Arab-dominated insurgency. A U.S. statement said the accident was not due to hostile fire.

RTE News
12 killed in Baquba attack.

At least 12 people were killed today when gunmen ambushed a minibus travelling near Baquba, just north of Baghdad.
Earlier reports had said a bomb had caused the deaths.

SF Gate
Bush alters standard for firing in leak case
President says an aide would have had to commit a crime, not just be involved

Washington -- President Bush said Monday that he will fire anyone in the administration found to have committed a crime in the leaking of a CIA operative's name, creating a higher threshold than he did one year ago for holding aides accountable in the unmasking of Valerie Plame.
After originally saying anyone involved in leaking the name of covert CIA operative would be fired, Bush said: "If somebody committed a crime, they will no longer work in my administration."

Daily Kos
Rifle pointed at protesters in Florida during Bush visit

We stood with about 50 others on rte 674 and when the motorcade came by there was assault rifle OUT the window pointing at ALL of us and the cars all looked like I remember seeing in the Hitler motorcades in the movies when I was a child

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