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        Thursday, September 29, 2005

       9/29/05 H.L. No Longer Willing To Be Seen In Public With This Man

After his Yes vote on John Roberts. H.L. is no longer willing to be seen in public with Senator Russ Feingold, as he has in the past.


Senator Feingold With Some Unknown Dude

       9/29/05 HL Comics Successfully Predicts The Future Again

News Item: Tom Delay Indicted.

Old Bug man is finally going to get what is coming to him. He will be the first GOP fall guy. Of course readers of H.L.s Comics knew about this a long time ago. Heres a trip down memory lane, if you haven't seen it. If you have check it out again

4/27/05 Tom Delay Taking The Heat

Scroll to see the whole comic strip.

Get The Story before it happens read H.L.s Comics

       9/29/05 List of Senators Who Voted for Roberts

Thanks to My good friend Bob at Yellow Dog Blog for the list and the comments under it. The top part is from H.L.

Heres a list of The Democrat Senators who voted for John Roberts. They are all paid off whores who should be all swept out of office at the first opportunity. That includes you Russ Feingold, whom H.L. met recently. He said at the time he was wavering, but you could tell he had already taken the money, and has spent it. Feingold is the only Senator who voted against The Patriot Act, and the only Senator to try to pressure Bush on Iraq: Not good enough. Bush is so politically weak right now that no one would suffer the consequences of going against him, yet 22 paid whores who call themselves Demcorats did: Here they are, run them out of office!

Here’s the 22 Democrats who just minutes ago voted to confirm John Roberts Jr. to be the next Chief Justice on the United States Supreme Court:
  • Max Baucus (D - MT)
  • Jeff Bingaman (D - NM)
  • Robert Byrd (D - WV)
  • Thomas Carper (D - DE)
  • Kent Conrad (D - ND)
  • Christopher Dodd (D - CT)
  • Byron Dorgan (D - ND)
  • Russell Feingold (D - WI)
  • Tim Johnson (D - SD)
  • Herb Kohl (D - WI)
  • Mary Landrieu (D - LA)
  • Patrick Leahy (D - VT)
  • Carl Levin (D - MI)
  • Joseph Lieberman (D - CT)
  • Blanche Lincoln (D - AR)
  • Patty Murray (D - WA)
  • Bill Nelson (D - FL)
  • Ben Nelson (D - NE)
  • Mark Pryor (D - AR)
  • Jay Rockefeller (D - WV)
  • Ken Salazar (D - CO)
  • Ron Wyden (D - OR)
A couple of quick notes:

Eight of these people are what’s called “Class I” senators, meaning that they are up for reelection next year. Let’s remember that. They are: Bingaman, Byrd, Carper, Conrad, Kohl, Lieberman, Nelson (Bill), Nelson (Ben).

Many of those who voted for Roberts say they “take him at his word” and one has to wonder what the hell they’re talking about – he didn’t say anything. What it boils down to is that they just handed the worst president in history – and one who has no respect for them or their party – a major victory.

Special scorn goes to Mary Landrieu for once again stepping up to the plate as one of the biggest Democratic turncoats in the Senate, despite this administration having crapped all over her constituents in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.