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        Tuesday, May 09, 2006

       Bush's Greatest Presidential Moment

News Item Bush's best moment in office? Reeling in big perch

Bush's greatest presidential moment.

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       News: Under Hayden CIA Will Control All Agencies, Hasert Ditches Hybrid For SUV, Behind The Goss Toss

Brad Blog
"VIDEOS - CIA Under Hayden: Military Will Control All Intel Agencies"

In an interview on MSNBC's Countdown, Howard Fineman says that the White House is welcoming a fight over Bush's Warrantless Domestic Spying programs during General Hayden's confirmation.
Karl Rove believes that the Democrats can be made to look weak on National Security if they continue to express concerns over the legality of their so-called "Terrorist Surveillance Program."

Daily Kos
Hastert Sneakily Ditches Hydro Car for SUV

Just minutes after giving a speech yesterday about the horrendously high gas prices that "average" Americans have to pay -- you know, all that B.S. about bribing voters to go GOP with $100 rebates...with ANWR drilling tacked on, of course -- Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert drove off in an energy-efficient hydrogen car.
But once he was around the corner and, theoretically, out of the sight of photographers, he screeched to a halt, got out, and jumped in his gas-guzzling SUV to finish the trip to the Capitol.

Dennis Hastert makes a speech on Gas Prices, and fuel effiency

Dennis Hastert leaves fuel effiency speech in Hybrid car, then jumps in an SUV

Dennis Hastert gets in SUV after leaving fuel effiency speech in Hybrid

Iraq arrests general over death squads - minister

"We have arrested an officer, a major general ... along with 17 people who kidnapped citizens and in some cases killed them. He is now in jail and under investigation," he said.
"We also found a terror group in the 16th brigade that carries out killings of citizens," he added.
It was not clear when the arrest was made or whether the case was related to arrests of army and police officers announced previously in the last few weeks.

NY Daily News
Behind The Goss Toss.

Alarms were set off at the advisory board by a widening FBI sex and cronyism investigation that's targeted Kyle (Dusty) Foggo, the No.3 official at the CIA, and also touched on Goss himself.

NY Sun
The Pentagon Winning Over CIA

The pending appointment of General Michael Hayden as director of the Central Intelligence Agency will pave the way for the agency's emasculation and for the Pentagon to assume full authority over paramilitary operations.
A senior intelligence community official yesterday said the director of national intelligence, John Negroponte, has indicated "he is willing to give up covert operations to the Pentagon."

Bush's Job Approval In Historical Perspective

A net approval of -34 is worse than the low suffered by either Jimmy Carter (-31) or Bush's father (-31). Only Truman and Nixon ever fared worse. click for more on this

Raw Story
Condoleezza Rice admits she responded to Iran letter before US had translated missive.

SECRETARY OF STATE CONDOLEEZZA RICE: Well, I won't try to judge the motivations for the letter and I certainly don't know the ins and outs of internal Iranian politics. We choose to treat the Iranian Government as the Iranian Government and to respond accordingly.
We've gotten the letter. We've not had a chance to do our own translation and of course we'll do that, but an initial reading of the letter would suggest that there is nothing in it that addresses the major issues between the United States and the rest of the world and Iran