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        Thursday, March 02, 2006

       Letter to Editor Printed in NY Times.

Here is a letter to the editor from Don Zeigler, who is friend of the H.L. Don is a Vietnam Veteran, who was at The Tet Offensive in 1968, and was awarded the Bronze Star. He has been fighting against war ever since, as part of the San Francisco anti war movement. This letter will be in tomorrow mornings NY Times.

To the Editor:
Nicholas D. Kristof says a poll shows that U.S. soldiers overwhelmingly
want out of Iraq & and soon. He then calls for a scheduled withdrawal. But
there already is an end date for the war, in late 2008, after the next
presidential election.
There is no way that the next president (whether a Democrat or a
Republican) will want to take office saddled with this mess.
By then we will have spent billions more dollars and lost thousands more
lives, most likely with little to show for it. So the next campaign will be
about getting us out of a war as quickly as possible, win or lose, like the
Eisenhower campaign in 1952 and the 1968 Nixon campaign.
This is entirely President Bush's war, and he has less than three years
left to make of it what he will.
Donald Zeigler
Pleasanton, Calif., Feb. 28, 2006

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Progressive Revolt has lots of cool anti-bush, anti-gop, bumper stickers, have a laugh checking them out. They are cool.