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        Friday, November 04, 2005

       11/04/05 Morning News Roundup

Bush Goes To Argentina, But They Know Him There Too

Hundreds of thousands of protesters greet bush who is in argentina for an economic summit

Bush Tries to Improve U.S. Image at Summit

While not directly offering U.S. help as Argentina seeks to reach a new financial settlement with the International Monetary Fund, Bush expressed his support.

H.L.s Take: Bush could improve our improve our image in Latin America, and everywhere with one simple move. Resign, and take Cheney with him.(
That 2 moves actually.)

Hundreds of thousands of protesters greet bush who is in argentina for an economic summit

Thousands protest Bush in Argentina

Excerpt: MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina (Reuters) - Thousands of marchers on the streets of a heavily policed Argentine resort protested on Friday against U.S. President George W. Bush and his free-trade push as leaders from the Americas convened for a contentious debate on improving Latin America's economy.
The protesters' voice inside the summit meeting room will be Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the leftist leader who opposes Bush's economic model. He arrived early Friday vowing to stop the stalled Free Trade Area of the Americas or FTAA.
"I think we came here to bury FTAA. I brought my shovel," Chavez told reporters.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters greet bush who is in argentina for an economic summit

NY Times
Bush Faces a Fight at Free Trade Talks in Argentina

Excerpt: The White House strategy is to ignore Mr. Chávez as much as possible. "President Chávez has been pretty vocal about how he sees the summit and what he hopes to achieve at the summit," Thomas A. Shannon, the assistant secretary of state for inter-American affairs, told reporters on Air Force One on Thursday as it headed for Argentina. "I mean, he's going to behave the way he wants to behave."

H.L.s Take: Typical Bush strategy, ignore, ignore, ignore, thats the way of the Ignorant. Bush does not like it when people get vocal in there outrage against him. Well he better get used to it. Its going to keep getting worse for the next 3 years. That is if Bush makes it that long.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters greet bush who is in argentina for an economic summit

Bush Public Support at Lowest Level Yet

Excerpt: A new AP-Ipsos poll found the president's approval rating was at 37 percent, compared with 39 percent a month ago. About 59 percent of those surveyed said they disapproved.
The intensity of disapproval is the strongest to date, with 42 percent now saying they "strongly disapprove" of how Bush is handling his job — twice as many as the 20 percent who said they "strongly approve."

H.L.s Take: If they are saying The Bush approval rating is at 37% you can lay 8 to 5, that the real number is somewhere around 20% for the disgaceful Murder Monkey.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters greet bush who is in argentina for an economic summit

Capital Hill Blue
Bush's Increasing Mental Lapses and Temper Tantrums Worry White House Aides

Excerpt: White House staff members say the White House is “like a wartime bunker” where shell-shocked aides hide from those who disagree with their actions and office pools speculate on how long certain senior aides will last.
Bush, whose obscenity-laced temper tantrums increase with each new setback and scandal, abruptly ended one Camp David meeting by telling everyone in the room to “go fuck yourselves” before he stalked out of the room.
Senior aides describe Bush as increasingly “edgy” or “nervous” or “unfocused.” They say the President goes from apparent coherent thought one moment to aimless rambles about political enemies and those who are “out to get me.”

H.L.s Take: How long until Bush is openly swilling Vodka, and ranting, and raving at the pictures of Kennedy, and Lincoln, in the White House? I don't see how he can deal with 3 more years. According to John Dean, Cheney is in trouble too. So how long until we have President "Soul Man" Hastert.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters greet bush who is in argentina for an economic summit

Seattle Post Intelligencer
Students roar against war

Excerpt: I'm just tired of what Bush is doing to this country," said Ryan Wisniewski, 15, from Ballard High School. "Tired of fighting a war we don't need to be fighting and spending money we don't need to be spending, killing troops we don't need to be killing."
Hundreds of protesters, most of them high school students, flocked to downtown Seattle in Wednesday's demonstration. Organizers estimated the turnout at 1,000, but that appeared to be a generous figure.
Many students said they were not only against the war, but wanted society to see that the young people would speak up against it.

Find Law
A Cheney-Libby Conspiracy, Or Worse? Reading Between the Lines of the Libby Indictment

Excerpt: Indeed, when one studies the indictment, and carefully reads the transcript of the press conference, it appears Libby's saga may be only Act Two in a three-act play. And in my view, the person who should be tossing and turning at night, in anticipation of the last act, is the Vice President of the United States, Richard B. Cheney.

Capital Hill Blue
GOP Leaders to Bush: 'Your Presidency is Effectively Over'

The Huffington Post
Mainstream Media to American Democracy: Drop Dead!

KHBS-TV Fayetteville Arkansas
Army Chaplain Sentenced For Sodomizing Troops

Hillary Clinton to visit Israel, meet with Sharon