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        Wednesday, November 02, 2005

       11/2/05 Afternoon News Stories

Democrats Force Secret Senate Session

Excerpt: Democrats used a rarely invoked Senate rule to force a secret session as a way to dramatize their assertions that the Bush administration misused intelligence in the run-up to war in Iraq.
"They have repeatedly chosen to protect the Republican administration rather than get to the bottom of what happened and why," Democratic leader Harry Reid said Tuesday in demanding that the Senate chamber be emptied of everyone but members and a few staffers.
Republicans angrily derided the use of Rule 21 which dates back to 1795 as a political stunt but agreed two hours later to have a bipartisan group check on how the Senate Intelligence Committee is coming along in its investigation of prewar intelligence.
"The United States Senate has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership," said Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee.

Excerpt: As opposed to what Bill? a gang of Murdering mobsters? Hey Bill you will have plenty of time to think about it while your in the Federal Penitentiary.
The Man With The Biggest Balls in Washington comes throught again. Harry has clearly taken H.L.s advice, and gotten himself
some cojones of steel. Reid would make a better candidate then Hilary, what do you think?

Democrat: Alito Won't 'Chisel Away' Law

Excerpt: While Sen. Ben Nelson (news, bio, voting record) did not endorse President Bush's latest nominee for the high court, he did say he was impressed by what he heard from Alito during his introductory visit.
The Nebraska Democrat, who was Alito's first senatorial host Wednesday, told reporters that he got assurances that Alito would not be "judicial activist" or "take an agenda to the bench" if confirmed to succeed Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is retiring.

H.L.s Take: Thats a bunch of Bull, This Nelson guy is a Democrat in name only. He goes along with the Republicans on everything. He's as bad as Lieberman. This Scalito guy is the most pro business pro government, anti people Nominee yet.
so that means there will be at least 10 Democrats who will vote yes. So if at least 16 Republicans vote against, we're screwed. In other words Alito is in hands down.

GOP Senator Discourages Alito Filibuster

Excerpt WASHINGTON - Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito is "clearly within the mainstream" and shouldn't be filibustered, declared a Republican who helped fashion a plan limiting parliamentary roadblocks for judicial nominees.
Sen. Mike DeWine who met with President Bush's latest high court choice Tuesday, warned Democrats he would side with GOP leaders to eliminate the judicial filibuster if the minority party uses it against the New Jersey judge.

H.L.s Take: Never make a deal with the devil,um I mean a Republican. Back before Harry Reid took H.Ls advice and grew a pair, he
made a deal with Bill Frist, that they would approve some hardcore Conservative, in exchange for the Republicans
not taking away the judicial filibuster. See what happens, The Republicans got what they want, but of course they are not going to hold up there end of the bargain.
Of course Republicans would be screwing themselves by eliminating the filibuster when a Democrat becomes President, but that will never happen because
they refuse to address the Electronic voting issue that allowed Bush to come in and ruin America. Now that Harry is the man, lets see what he does about this.

US Supreme Court brews judgement on hallucinogenic tea

Excerpt: WASHINGTON (AFP) - A little-known religious sect pleaded with the US Supreme Court not to ban the import of hoasca, a hallucinogenic tea, from Brazil that its devotees say brings them closer to God.
The case brings US anti-drugs laws into direct conflict with freedom of religion legislation, and also poses the question whether American law overrides US obligations to international treaties.
The nine Supreme Court justices must decide whether to side with the US government, which argues the tea is a dangerous mind-altering substance, could be diverted to recreational drug users and is barred by an international treaty.

H.L.s Take: And what do you suppose that decision will be? The U.S. Federal Government will never allow any kind of drug to be legalized, unless they can sell it to you themselves. Interesting how this religion has to be tripping on Mushroom Tea, in order to get close to God. Maybe they should switch to Wine, like the Catholics. That will always be legal.

Okay boys and girls, get ready to be really, really scared now!

Excerpt: This week, President Bush wants you to be afraid of the bird flu. Pay no attention to that indictment in the Vice President's staff. Pay no attention to that indictment of the House majority leader. Pay no attention to the SEC investigation of the Senate majority leader. Pay no attention to an extreme-right-wing lunatic being nominated to the Supreme Court. None of these things are as important as being afraid of the bird flu.

H.L.s Take: This Bird Flu thing sounds like a bunch of crap to me. By the way, weren't we all supposed to be dead of SARS by now. Donald Rumsfeld owns the drug that Bush is pushing for us all to be forced to take agains the Bird Flu. What more do you need to know? They won't stop until they are all in prision


Excerpt: To weigh the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame against historical standards, consider that no leader of the Soviet Union--including that master of ruthlessness, Josef Stalin--ever arranged for the name of a KGB operative to appear in a newspaper. Adolf Hitler had countless millions murdered, yet getting at a political enemy by endangering agents of the Sicherheitsdienst, the Nazi intelligence service, didn't cross his mind. In this respect, not even the worst tyrants have stooped to the level of George W. Bush.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Students start walkout to protest war, recruiting

Excerpt: Students from Twin Cities area high schools walked out of school this morning to protest the war in Iraq and military recruiting in their schools.
The walkout is part of a nationwide protest organized by Youth Against War and Racism.

The Smirking Chimp
'Nothing to lose'

Excerpt: Don't get your hopes up. But it is at least interesting to note the language used by the relatively conservative Democrat from Nevada: he points out that Scooter Libby is "the first sitting White House staffer to be indicted in 135 years." Far from being a political witch hunt, the Treasongate prosecution targeting Libby and Rove is the tip of the iceberg, and the Republicans (and, judging from polls, the American public as well) know it. This fact is not lost on Reid or his colleagues who may finally see the opening they have been waiting for. Reid pulled surprisingly few punches, referring openly to the pattern of vindictive attack by the Bush junta against those who dare oppose its policies. It is not just about Joe Wilson: the Senator names other high-profile victims, among them General Shinseki, Larry Lindsay, Hans Blix, and Mohammed el-Baridei.

The Nation
Senate Democrats Show Some Spine

The Independent
Medals for Libby, Rove, and Cheney?

P.M. Carpenter
Apocalypse Now

"Making It Safer to Serve in the U. S. Military"

Excerpt: Dear Secretary Rumsfeld:
We are submitting this letter to express our profound concern and opposition to the likely resumption of the Pentagon's use of Bioport Corporation's anthrax vaccine. We, including many retired, former, and currently-serving service members and their families, are most deeply troubled by the fact that anthrax vaccine recipients have already been severely harmed (and more will be including more deaths) from the use of this vaccine which has yet to be shown effective in providing desired protection.

Forced Inoculations Beginning of Bush's Bird Flu Plan