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        Wednesday, January 18, 2006

       Typical Republican Response To Killing Children In Pakistan

by H.L.
The U.S. bombed a party in Pakistan, a few days ago, thinking they would get Osama Bin Laden’s “second in command” but instead wound up killing 18 people, mostly women and children. The terrorist that we were looking for this time was named Ayman al-Zawahri. This is the third time or so that we have gone after Al Qaeda’s number 2 guy, and its always a different guy, and we never get him. The usual scenario is big announcements on Fox News, and CNN that The U.S. has bombed some big place with several dozen killed, AND we believe Osama’s second in command. Then about a week later there is a story at the bottom of page 68 of your local newspaper saying that it was all a big mistake, and the bad guy we were looking for was not where we thought he would be when we killed all those people. Meanwhile Osama has never been caught after lets see here…1590 days since our murderous monkey President said we would smoke him out of his hole, and bring him in dead or alive. We can find Saddam in a hole in the ground, but can’t find a guy running through the hills of Pakistan, or Afghanistan dragging a big Kidney Dialysis machine behind him. Yeah right. Of course Bush, Condi, and everyone else is not taking any responsibility for yet another failure of theirs which resulted in many people dead, but that is not surprising. The responses coming from the Republicans are typically appalling. Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi had this to say about the whole thing: ''There's no question that they're still causing the death of millions of -- or thousands of innocent people and directing operations in Iraq.” Well what is it Trent? Millions? Thousands? Or do you have no damn idea what you are talking about.
John Mc Cain’s comment was “''We apologize, but I can't tell you that we wouldn't do the same thing again.” In other words if we think that someone we don’t like is at a particular place at a particular time, we will kill everyone in the area, to get the one guy we want, and if he is not there “Oh well” If there are really more terrorists being bred in the middle east every day, these guys are the reason, but that’s what they want. More war equals more money for the big Republican donors who will funnel more money into Republican campaigns. Nice how that works out isn’t it.

       Here Now The News

Heres a story about a guy named Gabe Bruno who worked for the FAA, after the valujet crash of 1996, He found out that many of the mechanics that worked for Valujet, and the company that bought them out, had bought there grades when it came time to test them on their mechanical skills. When he ordered retesting of the mechanics 75% of them failed. Then the FAA orders him to cease the retesting, effectively saying: We don't care if airline mechanics cheated their way into the job, and if planes crash.
Bruno tried to become a whistle blower, and was demoted to being one of the guys on the runway who wave the flashlights.

Whistling in the Wind

Bush is trying to hide the fact that he and Jack Abrahamoff were tight, by destroying every photograph of them together, but Doug Thompson knows whats really going on. Seems Abrahmoff was a frequent visitor to Crawford, and the fake ranch of the fake President.

Capitol Hill Blue
Bush often met with, and praised, corrupt lobbyist Abrahmoff

A fringe Conservative group, lead by a conservative UCLA graduate (a person who is in the extreme minority over there) is now going to attempt to pay off students a sum of 100 dollars if they expose professors who are Liberal, one sided, or off topic.

L.A. Times
UCLA Alumni Group Is Tracking 'Radical' Faculty

Huffington Post
CNN Hires Radical Right Host Who Called New Orleans’ Residents "Scumbags" And Said He "Hates" 9/11 Families…

Soldiers For The Truth
Army Orders Soldiers to Shed Dragon Skin or Lose SGLI Death Benefits