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        Thursday, September 22, 2005

       9/22/05 Bush: Back on The Bottle Again

How's it going?? I've been working some pretty crazy hours lately, so posting has slowed down a bit but don't worry, we'll be back in full force soon. Yesterday in additon to the work on the site I spent 13 hours in my regular job which is watching movies and TV shows to make sure they are ready to go on the air (I love living in Hollywood), today which also happens to be the official H.L. birthday, I am doing another 13.

Here is an interesting story that I saw today.

Bush's Booze Crisis

According to the story the pressure is starting to get to old Georgie, and he's been caught sipping some shots of the good stuff.

Of couse readers of H.L.s Comics have known for a long time now that Bush has been tipping it back since well before Hurricane Katrina. (Scroll down to see the comics)

5/29/05 Someones Been Drinking Again

5/18/05 Bush Brews His Own.

3/27/05 I'm Not Drunk.

2/23/05 Relieving Himself.

Get the story before it happens read H.L.s Comics

On a more important note:
This saturday is the big Anti war march and Rally in L.A. (They are also having one up north, and back in Washington D. C. ) I will be there taking pictures, and shooting video for HLTV, My good frien Bart from called yesterday, I am going to be the official Bartcop photographer for the event, If you are coming to the march you can download printable signs from Barts site, or show up at 9th and Broadway, where the Bart L.A. contingent will be meeting, they will probably have some extra signs, check out his site for details.