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        Friday, August 12, 2005

       Welcome to The New H.L.

Welcome to the New look Hollywood Liberal, If you have been here before, you can see that the look of the site has changed. We are now a fully interactive talkback blog. You can leave comments to anything posted here. We still have all the other great pages on the site, like the Comics,The Image Archives, and H.L.T.V., but this is where the main action will be. We're going to get to some news story posts, but first please read the important announcement below this posting. Enjoy the site, and comment at will.

Thanks H.L.

       Weatherbug (Free weather reports anywhere)

The Hollywood Liberal, in an attempt to generate some revenue, and keep the site going has aquired some advertisers. Please check them out, if you get a chance. My particular favorite is The Weatherbug. I have used this program for the past few years and am happy to have them as a sponsor, because I know how great it is, (and its free)
Weatherbug is program with an Icon that sits at the bottom right of your computer screen next to the clock, It constantly displays the outdoor temperture which can be set to any zip code in the U.S. If you click on the diplay it brings up a window which gives you full weather reports for the area you have requested. If severe weather warnings come up in the area, the "bug" will make a chirping sound to inform you to check the conditions. This is especially valuable to surfers, and beach goers, If big waves, or extreme ocean conditions are moving in, you'll be the first to know. Weatherbug is invaluable for people who will be travelling, or making weekend plans. You can get weather reports for anywhere in the country.
Weatherbug is a free download, and contains no spyware, If you would like to give it a try, click on the link at the top left of this page. The Hollywood Liberal gets 50 cents for anyone who trys it out. If you don't like it for any reason you can always uninstall it. So help us out, and give it a try, I'm sure you will like it.

       8/12/05: News stories, and Video's

Here's some important news stories and Video's I am putting them all on one posting, If you like comment on any of them in the comment section below. Its actually a pretty slow news day so far. If it wasn't for Cindy Sheehan, it would really be slow. I'm going to be spending the day, doing more work to the site, but in the future I want to start posting news as it happens throughout the day, so stay with us. Here's the stuff, check it out.

Blog reports, and videos from Camp Casey, in Crawford

Ft. Hood Soldier Joins Cindy Sheehan At Bush Ranch Anti-War Action

General says attacks on US convoys in Iraq doubled

Raw Story
Video: Mother of fallen soldier asks questions of President Bush

GOP Pays Legal Bills in Vote-Thwart Case

The Information Clearinghouse
Video: Cindy Sheehan - Freedom and Faith

Key Figure In Delay Probe Indicted