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        Wednesday, May 31, 2006

       Marines Kill an Entire Family & More in Iraq.

On May 16, I did a comic called Super Secret Mission The comic was about The Military having to go patrol The U.S. Mexican border
at the beginning of the comic the troops were in Iraq, and one of the soldiers kills a whole family of Iraqis at their home, and oh the outrage.
Here are some snippets of comments I got from that. "This site is shameful. There are brave men putting their lives on the line for creeps like you all to be making fun of their efforts"
Heres another what kind of f**ked up website is this??? I sent a year in Iraq on a gun truck and resent your dumbass comments on these soldiers."
and another "You liberals are more unintelligent than I thought...Bush is not anti christ, and troops know what they are doing,"

Then today comes this story
Murtha on Haditha: I Know There Was a Cover-up The Chain of Command Tried to Stifle the Story

Last November, a group of U.S. Marines apparently went on ;the worst rampage by U.S. service members in the Iraq war, killing as many as 24 civilians in cold blood. Today on ABC, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) said that U.S. officials learned of the alleged massacre in Haditha a few days after it happened and organized a cover-up:

This happened before I did the comic but I didn't know that. Oh how I hate to be right sometimes, but I'm afraid I am going to have to run this
headline one more time. (I think its about the 13th time)

H.L.s Comics Successfully Predicts The Future Yet Again.

As I said The Comic is from May 16, and its called Super Secret Mission

Heres a video from Think Progress
MURTHA: This is what the Marine Corps told me at the highest level. The Commandant of the Marine Corps was in my office just last week, so you know. I know there was a cover-up someplace. They knew about this a few days afterwards and there’s no question the chain of command tried to stifle the story. I can understand why, but that doesn’t excuse it. Something like this has to be brought out to the public, and the people have to be punished.

Watch it:

Murtha was also asked whether he thought the alleged massacre would have been made public if not for the Time magazine investigation published in March (read Time’s new follow-up report) His response: No, I do not think it would have come out, and it’s unfortunate because this is how you lose the Iraqi people.
Full transcript below:  read more »

Get the story before it happens. Read Read H.L.s Comics

       Bush "Troubled" by Haditha Killings, U.S.Troops Kill Pregnant Woman on Way to Hospital in Iraq

Bush troubled by reports of Iraq killings

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Wednesday he was troubled by allegations that U.S. Marines had killed unarmed Iraqi civilians and that, "If in fact laws were broken, there will be punishment."...The Marine Corps is full of honorable people who understand the rules of war."..."If in fact these allegations are true," Bush said, "the Marine Corps will work hard to make sure that that culture — that proud culture — will be reinforced..."I am troubled by the initial news stories," Bush said. "I'm mindful that there's a thorough investigation going on...

H.L.s Take Yeah I'm sure he'll have a tough time getting to sleep tonight. "People will be punished" where have I heard that before?

U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. forces killed two Iraqi women — one of them about to give birth — when the troops shot at a car that failed to stop at an observation post in a city north of Baghdad, Iraqi officials and relatives said Wednesday.
Nabiha Nisaif Jassim, 35, was being raced to the maternity hospital in Samarra by her brother when the shooting occurred Tuesday.
Jassim, the mother of two children, and her 57-year-old cousin, Saliha Mohammed Hassan, were killed by the U.S. forces, according to police Capt. Laith Mohammed and witnesses.
The U.S. military said coalition troops fired at a car after it entered a clearly marked prohibited area near an observation post but failed to stop despite repeated visual and auditory warnings.
"Shots were fired to disable the vehicle," the military said in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press. "Coalition forces later received reports from Iraqi police that two women had died from gunshot wounds ... and one of the females may have been pregnant."
Jassim's brother, who was wounded by broken glass, said he did not see any warnings as he sped his sister to the hospital. Her husband was waiting for her there.
"I was driving my car at full speed because I did not see any sign or warning from the Americans. It was not until they shot the two bullets that killed my sister and cousin that I stopped," he said. "God take revenge on the Americans and those who brought them here. They have no regard for our lives."

H.L.s Take
OK lets look at logically. You live in a country where an occupying army has been killing your people for 3 years, you are on the way to the hospital with a pregnant woman, you get several warnings from the Army to stop, knowing they will kill you if you don't, but you keep going anyway???? Even with the pregnant woman, the amout of time it would have taken to stop and say "Hey I've got a pregnant woman here" In which case they would probably let you go, or even escort you to the hospital, is hardly worth the risk of not stopping. So what happened???

Scoop N.Z.
Dahr Jamail: How Massacres Become the Norm

US soldiers killing innocent civilians in Iraq is not news. Just as it was not news that US soldiers slaughtered countless innocent civilians in Vietnam. However, when some rare reportage of this non news from Iraq does seep through the cracks of the corporate media, albeit briefly, the American public seems shocked. Private and public statements of denial and dismissal immediately start to fill the air. We hear, "American soldiers would never do such a thing," or "Who would make such a ridiculous claim?"
It amazes me that so many people in the US today somehow seriously believe that American soldiers would never kill civilians. Despite the fact that they are in a no-win guerrilla war in Iraq which, like any other guerrilla war, always generates more civilian casualties than combatant casualties on either side.

Raw Story
FCC plans relaxation of media ownership rules, watchdogs say

Move to allow more consolidation could come as soon as June 15

The Federal Communications Commission is poised to propose new media ownership rules that will allow media companies to own newspapers, television and radio stations in the same city, according to media watchdog groups....
All indications are that the next time the FCC meets – now that they have a full commission – we expect to see media ownership come up, and we think it will be the cross ownership rule as well as rules on how many TV stations companies can own in a single market," Free Press spokesman Craig Aaron said.

A third Republican joined the FCC after Senate confirmation Friday. The Commission was deadlocked 2-2 along party lines in recent months and the new commissioner gives Republicans a 3-2 majority. FCC commissioners and the Commission's media office did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

H.L.s Take
They are not going to keep fighting for this until they get it. Then the Main stream media will be even more watered down then it is. Right now only 7 people own most of the print and broadcast media. They all love Bush because his tax cuts to the rich make them extra millions on top of the billions.

Arutz Sheva
Israeli Naval Forces Will Join NATO Exercise for First Time

For the first time since its founding in 1949, NATO will fully integrate Israeli Naval forces into a miltary exercise that will take place next month in the Black Sea.
Ahead of the exercise, eight ships belonging to the NATO Southern Command docked Monday morning at Haifa port. The ships form part of a rapid deployment force and will remain in Haifa until June 4.