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        Saturday, October 22, 2005

       10/22/05 Morning News Briefing

U.S. Department of Jutice
Office of Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald New Website for Announcing Indictments

H.L.s Take: Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has launched a new website so he can post documents related to the Indictments once they come down.

The Nation
Corrupt, Incompetent and 'Off Center'

Excerpt: Here is the liberals' problem in a nutshell: More than 30 percent of Americans happily answer to the appellation "conservative," while 18 percent call themselves "liberal." And yet when questioned by pollsters, a super-majority of more than 60 percent take positions liberal in everything but name. Indeed, on many if not most issues, Americans hold views well to the left of those espoused by almost any national Democratic politician.

In a May survey published by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 65 percent of respondents said they favor providing health insurance to all Americans, even if it means raising taxes, and 86 percent said they favor raising the minimum wage. Seventy-seven percent said they believe the country "should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.'' A September Gallup Poll finds that 59 percent consider the Iraq War a mistake and 63 percent agree that US forces should be partially or completely withdrawn.

Nevertheless, extremist right-wingers, including a few apparent criminals, enjoy a stranglehold on our political system and media discourse.

H.L.s Take: Thats becuase the "Liberal" Media, has made the term "Liberal" a bad word, and people who don't like to use their brains too often hear the term Liberal and gag, even though they are for things like National Health Insurance, and end to the war. They willfully decieve themselves that somehow Republicans are better for the country, and for them despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. But hey, if your against Bush, you are a liberal commie pinko traitor. This is the sentiment of lots of people who make less then 40K a year, and have to struggle to make ends meet. But when you try to tell them they are voting against there own self interest. they look at you like you are trying to explain Newtons third law of motion, or what E=MC2 means (Energy=Mass Times The Speed of Light Squared. There eyes start to glaze over, and roll back into there heads, and
some foam starts appearing around the mouth, then they run out of the room.

World Net
Miers panel to hear
'explosive testimony'?

Excerpt: As WorldNetDaily has reported, Littwin allegedly was fired by Miers because he wanted to investigate improper political influence-buying by lobbyists for GTECH, the firm contracted to run the lottery.
Corsi believes that Littwin, according to an examination of hundreds of contemporary Texas newspaper accounts, will be able to establish under oath that the GTECH contract was preserved on a no-bid basis by then-chairwoman of the Lottery Commission Miers in order to "keep the lid on" the National Guard controversy involving then-Gov. Bush.

H.L.s Take: If this is true, then Bush will have to withdraw Miers as a candidate for the court. There is no way he will let them testify, that they were covering up his War deserter record, that everyone fully knows exsists. Bush of course will claim he is pulling Miers to make the Conservatives happy, which is a lie, but hey, thats what he does. Lie.

Washington Post
A Palpable Silence at the White House
Few Ready to Face Effects of Leak Case

Excerpt: At 7:30 each morning, President Bush's senior staff gathers to discuss the important issues of the day -- Middle East peace, the Harriet Miers nomination, the latest hurricane bearing down on the coast. Everything, that is, except the issue on everyone's mind.

With special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald driving his CIA leak investigation toward an apparent conclusion, the White House now confronts the looming prospect that no one in the building is eager to address: a Bush presidency without Karl Rove. In a capital consumed by scandal speculation, most White House senior officials are no more privy than outsiders to the prosecutor's intentions. But the surreal silence in the Roosevelt Room each morning belies the nervous discussions racing elsewhere around the West Wing.

Times: Miller May Have Misled Editors

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - Judith Miller's boss says the New York Times reporter appears to have misled the newspaper about her role in the CIA leak controversy.

In an e-mail memo Friday to the newspaper's staff, Executive Editor Bill Keller said that until Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald subpoenaed Miller in the criminal probe, "I didn't know that Judy had been one of the reporters on the receiving end" of leaks aimed at Bush administration critic Joseph Wilson.

"Judy seems to have misled" Times Washington bureau chief Bill Taubman about the extent of her involvement, Keller wrote.

H.L.s Take: Mislead? I'm sorry but the word is LIED, why does everyone in the press hate that word so much, Bush LIED about WMDs, He LIED about other reasons for going to war, He LIES everytime he opens his mouth. Miller LIED about everything as well. This story is coming out now so the Times can cover there asses with a blanket "We didn't know, how should we know she would 'mislead', I mean we are newspaper editors we dont have time to worry about the truth while we rake in large sums of cash to LIE about Jr.s fake war.

NYU Journalism
Thanks for the Link, New York Times. Now Please Answer My Question.

Excerpt: It went to spokesperson Catherine Mathis, Oct. 17: Did Judy Miller have special clearances to see classified information? If she did, who knew? Here's my case for why readers deserve an answer. No progress so far.

Attack Syria? Invade Iran? By What Constitution?

Excerpt: Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on October 19, Condoleezza Rice was asked whether the Bush administration was planning military action against Syria. She answered, "I don't think the President ever takes any of his options off the table concerning anything to do with military force."
Last time we read the US Constitution, the grave decision to use military force against another country was a matter for Congress to decide - not an "option" for a President.
And last time we read the UN Charter, it provided that "all members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state."

H.L.s Take: I guess Bush just wants to start another meat grinder, so he can steal more oil, and since we can't beat a bunch of insurgents in Iraq, I guess many more thousands of American soldiers will die. But they don't care they love Bush, they are happy to die so he can get richer.

Moscow Times
Media at a Huge Crossroads, 25 Years After They Helped Reagan Win

Excerpt: For eight years,” Karp wrote in mid-1989, “the Democratic opposition had shielded from the public a feckless, lawless president with an appalling appetite for private power. That was the story of the Reagan years, and Washington journalists evidently knew it. Yet they never turned the collusive politics of the Democratic Party into news.”

Today, words like “feckless” and “lawless” seem like understatements when applied to the current president. A pattern of mendacity, callousness and appalling priorities has brought deadly consequences from Baghdad to New Orleans. The administration appears to be nearly drowning in scandals. Yet the news media -- again with notable assists from Democratic leaders in Congress -- are doing much to keep the Bush regime afloat.

H.L.s Take: The Press will never cease in there ball licking, of the Republicans, as long as 7 rich white men own the media, they will sell there souls for those big tax breaks they get at the expense of the poor. Like my old boss Sumner Redstone, the owner of Viacom, said. "I'm a democrat, but I represent Viacom, and we are better off with a Republican in power, so I vote for Bush"

South Carolina State
As the casualty count rises, an `Iraq syndrome' emerges

Excerpt: But most of all, it is mounting American casualties, now closing in on 2,000 dead and 15,000 wounded, that is wearing away support for the war. This follows a pattern of the two previous times since 1945 that Americans have suffered significant casualties in war -- Korea and Vietnam.

``The only thing remarkable about the current war in Iraq is how precipitously American public support has dropped off,'' argues Ohio State political scientist John Mueller, in an important new article in Foreign Affairs.

``Casualty for casualty, support has declined far more quickly than it did during either the Korean War or the Vietnam War. And if history is any indication, there is little the Bush administration can do to reverse this decline,'' concludes Mueller, an expert on war and public opinion.

H.L.s Take: Yeah but Bush owns the congress, the supreme court, the electronic black box voting apparatus, and the media. So public opinion don't mean squat. Once again we can thank our brain dead red staters for the whole shithouse going up in flames.
Bush publication ban lifted

Excerpt: A Vancouver lawyer has won a procedural victory in her attempt to prosecute U.S. President George W. Bush under the Criminal Code.
Gail Davidson, cofounder of an international group of jurists called Lawyers Against the War, expressed her delight on October 18 following the lifting of a publication ban on court proceedings against the U.S. president.
That's great news, but really they had no choice, Davidson told the Georgia Straight.
The Kitsilano lawyer got the ball rolling against Bush as soon as he set foot on Canadian soil for his November 30, 2004, visit. As a private citizen, she charged him with seven counts of counselling, aiding, and abetting torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay naval base. She had her charges accepted by a justice of the peace in Vancouver Provincial Court.

Bush faces prison time if the case goes to trial and he is found guilty.

H.L.s Take: Good luck, but I won't hold my breath waiting for Bush to be taken into custody.

TV News Lies
Where the Hell Is YOUR Proof?

Excerpt:To this day, there has been no independent official inquiry into the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Kean Commission, with which most Americans are familiar, was based on the Bush/PNAC version of events. It was charged with probing the breakdown of intelligence prior to the attacks and making suggestions for improving communications among the competing agencies involved. The Commission, formed after more than a year of opposition by the Bush administration, did not…repeat...did NOT…investigate or report about the causes of the attacks.