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Complete RNC Convention Coverage
The Trip to New York
NYC Convention Trip Report Day 1  Half Million Protest in N.Y. (Revised estimate)

I just stopped back to the hotel room for a few minutes. a half  million people are here in NY today protesting the RNC and the illegal monkey. The protesters started marching from 23rd st. and 7th Ave. moving past Madison Square Garden at 12 noon, and as of 4:17 PM they are still marching past the garden.. I was at the very start of the march, right next to Michael Moore, and Jesse Jackson. We went from 23rd up to 34th, turned right went up to Broadway, then turned right and went down to Union Square which is at 17th St. When we got to the end of the march. we turned around and started walking back against the crowd which just kept coming at us in waves. Now 5 hours later there are people who are just at the starting point and will cover the entire legnth of the march. I have never seen a demonstration this big ever. Any Republican ditto monkeys watching this must be wondering where all these people came from. Among the crowd are 1000 coffins draped in American flags, that are bieng carried to represent all the people who have died in Iraq. It is an awesome sight. Ok were going back out into the crowd more later H.L.

Michael Moore, and Jesse Jackson, at RNC protest rally 8/29/04

. NYC Convention  Trip Report Day 2 (Big Sunday protest)

NYC Convention Trip Report Day 3 (Monday)

Hey guys, what's happening. Its Tuesday morning now. Yesterday was kind of a quiet day. there were a couple of protests that you may be reading about. I, however was unable to attend. I was trying to find out information about what was going on, and could not really find any details. I was told by a person staying in my hotel about the UN protest, but I didn't know what time it was for, also I spent a lot of the day yesterday writing up the stories from Sunday, and resting up. I haven't done this much walking in a long time. Being from L.A. we drive everywhere, but here in Manhattan,  you walk, or take the subway, or cab. If you own a car there is never anywhere to park, so you have to spend a fortune parking everywhere you go. I did have an a little run in with the cops over by the Garden yesterday, I will get to that story tonight.

OK I got info on what's going on today. United for Peace and Justice is announcing that today is a day of civil disobedience. There are several demonstrations going on. One held by the War resisters leage starts at the world trade center, where they want people to show up in white, representing mourning, they are going to march to the convention site, where they will hold a die in. They expect many people to be arrested. Read about it here Another group called A31 True security has a few events planned for today the first protest starts at noon in front of the NY office of Homeland security 633 3rd Ave. I am about to head over to that location now to cover the events. I'll write up a report on the days activities tonight. Try to get over there if you can make it.

Unfortunately this is probably my last day in NYC, this is an expensive town, and I am running out of cash. I am about to check out of my Hotel, and leave my high speed modem. I may have to do todays update tomorrow when I get home. 

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NYC Convention Final Trip Report-H.L. Does Time. Part 1.

NYC Convention Final Trip Report-H.L. Does Time. Part 2. 

NYC Convention Final Trip Report-H.L. Does Time. Part 3.  

NYC Convention Final Trip Report-H.L. Does Time. Part 4. 

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