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        Tuesday, March 07, 2006

       Todays Big Stories

World 5.0
Bush & Co. "Integrity" Never Again

We're on the verge of a new day here in the U.S. It's been a downward spiral since Day One of this administration, but even Mr. Rove can't manipulate the truth out of the situation these days. A few too many neglects, mistakes and disregards. A little too cocky, brash and condescending. And now a little karma check.

Deputy Faces Charges in Airman's Shooting

Excerpt: A grainy videotape shot by a bystander showed Carrion on the ground next to the car with Webb standing and pointing at gun at him.
A voice appears to order Carrion to rise, but when the airman appears to begin complying, the deputy shoots him three times. Carrion was shot in the chest, shoulder and thigh and was hospitalized for several days.
Authorities found no weapons on Carrion or the driver, Luis Escobedo.

Fastow Links Skilling to Losses at Enron

Excerpt: In the most highly anticipated testimony yet in the trial, he told jurors about a partnership, known as LJM1, set up in 1999 to help Enron "solve a problem" — future losses from its investment in a startup firm.
"We were doing this to inflate our earnings, and I don't think we wanted to show people what we were doing," Fastow said.

Foes of Food Labeling Bill Criticize Law

Excerpt: House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, Majority Whip Roy Blunt, R-Mo., and several other lawmakers support a bill that would keep states from adding warnings that go beyond federal rules.
The lawmakers have family, friends and former staff among the lobbyists for the bill.
"This helps explain why the food industry has blocked any efforts to have hearings," said Ben Cohen, attorney for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a watchdog group.

Throwing Consumers to the Wolves

Excerpt: Frank Monroe is one pissed-off federal bankruptcy judge. Just before Christmas, Judge Monroe was forced to deny Guillermo Sosa, an Austin, Texas, house painter, and his wife, Melba Nelly Sosa, emergency bankruptcy protection to avoid foreclosure on their mobile home. While sympathetic to the Sosas, Judge Monroe's hands were tied by the new bankruptcy law.

Torture of Prisoners Still Seen in Iraq, Report Says

London - Detainees in Iraq are still being tortured, receiving electric shocks and beatings with plastic cables, a report by Amnesty International said today.
The U.S. military responded that all detainees were being treated according to international conventions and Iraqi law.
Many of the cases in the report involve detainees held by Iraqi authorities.

Poll: Cheney Less Popular Than OJ

Excerpt: The only person less popular than Vice President Cheney is Paris Hilton, the female actress. Hilton, who is the heiress of the global hotel chain Hilton Group, and who has a “blonde party girl” image, only got a 15 percent approval rating.

Iraqi forces probe general's "strange" killing

Excerpt: Another Iraqi general told Reuters it was an assassination that needed inside information and proved the army, recruited by U.S. officers over the past two years, had been infiltrated by factional militia groups ready to turn on fellow soldiers.
"The outsiders have hands on the inside," the general said.

USA Today
Decades later, Marines hunt Vietnam-era deserters

Excerpt: Thirty years after the war ended, hundreds of Vietnam-era deserters are still on the loose. Conti's attorneys, Louis Font and Tod Ensign, say the Pentagon, and the Marine Corps in particular, are cracking down on long-term cases in an effort to warn current-day troops in Iraq against deserting.