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March 7, 2005.
Who had the comic first???

                   funny but not fast enough
Now if you will scroll down to Fridays posting you can see HL was all over the boots.

I have just updated the Football page with some draft, and combine information check it out.
Speaking of being the first to call it.

BBC News

Hostage's shooting 'no accident'

Sgrena, Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena has said she cannot accept US troops accidentally fired on her car after her kidnappers freed her in Baghdad.
Ms Sgrena told the BBC Americans guarding Baghdad airport might not have been informed about her arrival, but their actions could not be excused.
Earlier, she suggested US troops might have deliberately tried to kill her.
The US military, who said troops fired on the speeding car after it failed to stop, has opened a full investigation.

Friday was an audacious day over here, becuase as you can see if you scroll down, we called that as soon as the story came out. The next day we posted the link to the story of Scolari, who was also travelling in the car, now The Woman herself speaks out.

Heres another one.
Online Journal

My truth (La mia verita) By Giuliana Sgrena

March 6, 2005 (from Il Manifesto)I am still in the darkness. Last Friday was the most dramatic day of my life since I was abducted. I had just spoken with my abductors, who for days kept telling me I would be released. So I was living in wait.
They said things that I would understand only later. They talked of transfer related problems. I had learned to understand which way the wind blew from the attitude of my two "sentinels," the two fellows who watched over me every dayespecially one of them, who attended to my requests, was incredibly bold. In the attempt to understand what was going on, I provocatively asked him if he was happy because I would go away or because I would stay. I was surprised and happy when, for the first time, he told me, "I only know you will go, but I don't know when."

Read the whole story and your comments on the blog

now he even puts that on the damn sign


Buffett bets $21.4 bln against the US dollar

NY Times

Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails

                                                       now he even puts that on the damn sign


Police Suspended Over Disco Fire Messages

Heres another one from Sutton Impact

                  He got me on that one

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