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March 4, 2005.
They work to free the Italian Journalist, then the idiot troops damn near kill her as they are driving her out. They did kill someone else in the car.

U.S. Forces Wound Freed Hostage in Iraq

By PATRICK QUINN, Associated Press Writer
Rummy doing his best Homer Simpson BAGHDAD, Iraq - American forces fired on a car carrying a freed Italian hostage as it approached a checkpoint in Baghdad on Friday, killing an Italian intelligence officer and wounding at least two others, including the just-released journalist.
H.L.s Take: Good work guys, Kill em all, let God sort them out right? Or was this done on purpose, Fuck those damn Journalists, she was against the war, besides they never tell the good stories over here anyway
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, an ally of the United States who has kept troops in Iraq despite public opposition at home, demanded an explanation from the U.S. ambassador, Mel Sembler.
Hey Silvio, you want an explanation, you got in bed with a Bush, now your Fucked. Welcome to the club "Given that the fire came from an American source I called in the American ambassador," Berlusconi told reporters before the U.S. statement acknowledging that coalition forces shot at the vehicle. "I believe we must have an explanation for such a serious incident, for which someone must take the responsibility."
Dude, haven't you heard, Bush, Rummy, and The U.S. Army don't do responsibility. Just keep your mouth shut or you'll be next
However, Berlusconi said three, not two, were wounded freed hostage Giuliana Sgrena and two intelligence officers. The U.S. military said Army medics treated a wounded man but that "he refused medical evacuation for further assistance
He refused further assistance becuase these guys are such fuckups, they would have killed him for sure, "No... thats ok.., no need for further help, this bullet in my pelvis, its just a flesh wound, I'll be fine, really"
Berlusconi identified the dead intelligence officer as Nicola Calipari and said he had been at the forefront of negotiations with the kidnappers. The premier said Calipari had been involved in the release of Italian hostages in the past.
Berlusconi said he had been celebrating Sgrena's release with the editor of Il Manifesto, and with Sgrena's boyfriend, Pier Scolari, when he took a phone call from an agent who informed them of the shooting.
"It's a shame that the joy we all felt was turned into tragedy," Berlusconi said.
Now you know how we felt when both times Bush was losing, but ended up stealing the election. The shooting came as a blow to Berlusconi, who has kept 3,000 troops in Iraq despite strong opposition in Italy. The shooting was likely to set off new protests in Italy, where tens of thousands have regularly turned out on the streets to protest the war in Iraq. Sgrena's newspaper was a loud opponent of the war.
Hey Silvio, maybe this time you should listen to those people in the street. But then how would you add more millions to your billions

They've got all the time in the world

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Enjoy it while you can guys

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                                            Thanks to John Stewart for that one

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                                                      Condidom, those boots weren't made for walking

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Ok guys have a good one see you tomorrow.

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