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March 17, 2005.
Happy St. Patricks Day. I put up a few new postings (scroll down) for today. Including a tribute to the green

Justin Raimondo Live, in Orange County

    Justin live in Orange County      Justin live in Orange County

Justin Raimondo From Anti-War.Com spoke yesterday at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa. The event was well attended, and Mr. Raimondo, spoke on a wide variety of subjects for close to 2 hours. I have compiled some clips from Justin's talk. Which just so happens to bring us to:
Its finally here. The return of


Hey, I'm back, Wow, what a pain in the butt editing that footage, but I am starting to make headway. There will be segments, each will have a big version for Cable, and DSL, and a small version for Dial up. Here's the first 3 parts.
Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 1 Big Version)
Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 1 Small Version)

Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 2 Big Version)
Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 2 Small Version)

Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 3 Big Version)
Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 3 Small Version)

Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 4 Big Version)
Justin Raimondo on H.L.T.V.(Part 4 Small Version)

The last part is now up so enjoy the clips. H.L.

        have one on me          have one on me            have one on me

Todays the day, The Smoking of The Green, um.. I mean, the uh, wearing of the Green.
And I'm part Irish so I can put up these pics. OK?

We can all find ways to do more

Check this out, The U.S. Government is selling weapons seized from terrorists. Anyone can buy them, and they have a huge supply go here for more info.

WMD Garage Sale

Eating meat is bad for you anyway Isn't this a beautiful picture; big open fields of grass, bright blue skies, Picturesque mountains, and a wild herd of grazing cattle, out enjoying a nice Sunny day. But, all this will end. Soon this whole area will be covered with giant oil rigs, pumping barrels of thick black crude oil, the ground will be covered with the stuff, you wont be able to walk without falling on your ass, the sky will be thick and black with polluted clouds, and smoke so you would think it is downtown Houston; and all the cows will be dead. And all becuase the super greedy, Monkey Boy, and his Super Greedy Brothers in the Senate, (yes both the Demcorats, and the republicans are his brothers. Insist on drilling on this land, so they can make more millions to add to thier billions. Its not enough that we are killing people in Iraq, so they can make more money. (hello... solar power??)if there was a penny under a truck tire, these bastards would call the cops and have the truck towed away, so they could get their greasy paws on it.

NY Daily News

Gitmo taunter teaches tactics

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