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Thursday, August 11, 2005

8/11/05 Todays Comics and Pics

President Bush Asks Dennis Hastert to do him a favor, Hastert is happy to oblige

George W. Bush signs the hat of one of the few fans he has left

Here's some pictures of A group of Anti-War Protestors, including Marie Pugh of Cado Mills, Texas, who are planting a cross in the ground for every soldier killed in Iraq, on the Road leading to Bush's Ranch in Crawford.
President Bush talks Cindy Sheehan who is waiting outside the ranch in crawford to talk to him
President Bush talks Cindy Sheehan who is waiting outside the ranch in crawford to talk to him

President Bush talks Cindy Sheehan who is waiting outside the ranch in crawford to talk to him
President Bush talks Cindy Sheehan who is waiting outside the ranch in crawford to talk to him

A soldier stands ready to put a stop to any dissent against the war

8/11/05 Bush Acknoledges Cindy, Still Won't Meet Her.

By H.L.

       President Bush has acknowledged Cindy Sheehan in a speech he gave today on the Pig Farm, which is now the TV set for his fake ranch in Crawford Texas. Bush commented, �I understand the views of anti-war advocates,� Yes he understands them all right, its just that they run contrary to his goals of stealing all the oil in Iraq. A goal, which is netting Halliburton and the Carlyle, group untold billions of dollars. Bush continued with his never changing rhetoric that it would be a mistake to bring the troops home now. No George, you idiot, it was a mistake to send them in the first place. 1800 dead soldiers and countless Iraqi civilians later, Bush still refuses to admit what we all know. That the reasons we are there were lies, made up by Bush himself and his Neo-con cronies. That the reason why the insurgents continue to ambush and kill our American soldiers is because they don�t like it when a foreign invading army comes in, steals the only natural resource the country has and kills anyone who gets in the way. Not because they �Hate Our Freedom.�
       � I sympathize with Mrs. Sheehan," Bush said. "She feels strongly about her position and she has every right in the world to say what she believes. This is America.� Said Bush during his speech, while Condi looked on in the background. Of course Bush is still refusing to meet with Ms. Sheehan and will not. Apparently Bush�s staff sees the ongoing Cindy Sheehan story as a black eye on the administration and therefore had Jr. Monkey mention her in his speech. Bush would never be smart enough to figure that out for himself, if it were up to him he would just have her arrested and thrown into the Gulag. Yes George this is America, we are supposed to stand for something besides Illegal wars, based on lies. We are supposed to stand as an example for other countries about what freedom and democracy is all about. When we behave in a fair manner toward other countries and treat them with respect, it shows the people of the world that Democracy is something that should be fought for. When we go into other people�s homelands and burn, kill, and torture, well then what do you think they are going to think about us. They are going to want to do anything they can to hurt us, and that means for the most part ambushing our soldiers, and killing them one at a time.
       "I also have heard the voices of those saying: 'Pull out now!' " Bush said. "And I've thought about their cry and their sincere desire to reduce the loss of life by pulling our troops out. I just strongly disagree." Of course he disagrees, Bush pays lip service to those who feel the pain of having lost a loved one in the war, but his words ring hollow. Bush has never lost a family member in a war, so what does he know about it. The man is responsible for more death, both as Governor of Texas, and as President, then anyone who has ever had a rational thought about what life and death are all about. Bush disagrees because Rummy, Cheney, and the old man (his father) tell him to, so that the money, and stolen profits can continue to roll in.
        Immediate withdrawal "would send a terrible signal to the enemy," the president said. What signal is that George? That the American people have put their foot down and made you do something that you don�t want to do? Is that the signal it would send? Or would it send a signal that we are not murderous savages that just come in and kill for what we want. It would cost us less money to just buy the oil, then all the money we are spending on this travesty of a war. Maybe then they would not hate our freedoms so much, and might actually take an interest in
       Keeping good relations with the country that they are doing business with. The Government of such a country would perhaps even take a stand against terrorists that want to attack and destroy the U.S. and its citizens, but no, we can�t have that. We could end terrorism by doing business getting our soldiers out, and having mutually beneficial business with countries that are �evil�, or �The Enemy� but then Bush, Rummy, Cheney, and the rest of the Neocons would not have so many extra billions to shove into their pockets. Bush will continue to parrot the same lies, over and over for many years to come.

8/11/05 Audio/Video Clips

Here's an Radio Interview that Cindy Sheehan did on the Bill Press Show. It contians 3 audio clips that are about 2 minutes long each.
Today is the day that Bush threatened to have Cindy arrested, because Rummy, and Condi, are coming over, and Bush
is concerned that Cindy might be a national security threat. No word of arrest yet. Ok check out the interview

Cindy Sheehan Audio Interview Part 1

Cindy Sheehan Audio Interview Part 2

Cindy Sheehan Audio Interview Part 3

Here's a Video Clip, of Don Imus, former Bush Republican Whore, who now seems to be changing his tune a little.
Hear what Imus has to say about Rummy, who yesterday proposed a Freedom Fest in Washington, for the yahoo's who
still support the war. Check out Imus.

Imus on Rumsfeld.

Thanks to Crooks And Liars for the clip