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Increasing Numbers of U.S. Soldiers Deserting Bush

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 30th, 2006 7:57 am by HL

Heres a story no one in the U.S. media is willing to report. Of course we have to go overseas to find out what is going on at home. Marines that were already home after serving multiple tours in Iraq are now being called back again. A lot of them are saying no way I kill for bush again. The U.S Media are such complete whores they don’t even try to hide it any more. On Monday I had to go out for a job interview I was early so I went and picked up a copy of The L.A. Times something I rarely do anymore but I had a half hour to kill. The first story I looked at talked about how 60 Iraqi civilians and 9 U.S soldiers had died that day. The headline of the story: “Violence Down in Iraq”

You wouldn’t catch me dead in Iraq

U.K. Times
“I needed health care, money to go to college, and I needed to take care of my daughter. The military was the only way I could do it,” he tells me. As we chat, basking in the sun on a peaceful Toronto street, he fiddles with his pocket watch, which has a Canadian flag on its face. He’s wearing a peace-symbol necklace.

After fighting for seven months in Iraq, he came home bloodied from combat, with a Purple Heart that proved his sacrifice – and seriously opened his eyes. “When I joined, I wanted to fight,” he says. “I wanted to see combat. I wanted to be a hero. I wanted to save people. I wanted to protect my country.” But soon after he arrived in Iraq, he tells me, he realised that the Iraqis did not want him there, and he heard harsh tales that surprised and distressed him.

“Soldiers were describing to me how they had beaten prisoners to death,” he says. “There were three guys and one said, ‘I kicked him from this side of the head while the other guy kicked him in the head and the other guy punched him, and he just died.’ People I knew. They were boasting about it, about how they had beaten people to death.” He says it again: “Boasting about how they had beaten people to death. They are trained killers now. Their friends had died in Iraq. So they weren’t the people they were before they went there.”

H.L.s Take
The Republican Plan: Take away the good jobs and health care so that people are so poor they have to join the Army. Then when they get home broken, and shellshocked, take away their GI benefits and tell them to go to hell. And why not, the majority of war veterans are anti-war once they have been over there and figured out what is really going on.

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