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Trouble With Voting In Cynthia McKinney Election in Georgia

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 8th, 2006 9:45 am by HL

Wow there’s a shocker, people having problems voting for Cynthia??? Didn’t expect that.

Report From GA Dem Primary: McKinney’s Name Is Not On All The Ballots — But Her Opponent’s Name Is!!

Less than one hour into the voting day, multiple problems with the electronic voting machines have arisen. McKinney precinct watchers are reporting machines down already, insecure machines, and at least one 4th Congressional District precinct without McKinney’s name on the ballot, but with her opponent’s name on it.
Another location had to redo the zero report because the machine did not initiate at a zero count. And at yet another location, the voting machine where the voting card is inserted is not secure.

After the second hour of voting the McKinney camp is still seeing all sorts of problems:

We have a situation at Idlewood Elementary School. Two voters attempted to vote and the voting card cast the ballot without the voter having made a candidate selection. The voter complained that the voter never selected her candidate–Cynthia McKinney. The same problem occurred with that same voting machine with another voter. Team McKinney has spoken with one of the voters; the poll watcher caught one of the two voters and the voter that we have, witnessed the second voter having the same problem.

Winona Park Elementary School, the machines went down and voters are being told to return later. Team McKinney lawyers are seeking to extend voting time.

Police harassment is being reported in Rockdale County and one of the Team McKinney leaders was even pulled over by Rockdale police. The Rockdale police are circling and harassing people in McKinney blue.

Memorial Drive North precinct, a voter asked for a Democrat ballot and was given a Republican ballot. Only after the voter complained did the polling official give him a correct ballot.

The Secretary of State’s Office is dismissing Team McKinney poll watchers at Idlewood and Winona Park Elementary School. Why? And under what authority? That they are telling us the truth? And we are telling you?

At Panola precinct, the McKinney Poll Watcher reports that the voting machine would not let the voter cast the ballot. Team McKinney has the name of that voter

H.L.s Take
The Republicans (who own and control Diebold REEEAAALLLY don’t Cynthia to win. They are going to do whatever it takes to subvert democracy, and install the losing candidate, just like they did with Bush both times, and in several other elections. I have a feeling Cynthia is done. Oh and by the way, so is Democracy in The USA

11 Responses to “Trouble With Voting In Cynthia McKinney Election in Georgia”

  1. LA Says:

    Just take it like a man, right Buzz? Don’t complain about election fraud and corruption. Just pay taxes and shut up. Don’t exercise freedom of thought, just be a robot.


  2. Mark Says:

    In the Georgia Democratic primary (July 18th), the Secretary of State who oversees elections and is the champion of the Diebold machine lost the Democratic nomination for Governor to Mark Taylor. Why didn’t her office rig the machines for Ms. Cox — when she could have used the help?

    These stories about machine failure are self-serving fiction.

    Ms. McKinney is about to lose by at least 52-48 to a candidate (a life-long Democrat) with no access to fix the machines. Why would anyone rig the machines against Ms. McKinneyin an election she’s about to be rolled in?

    Oh, there is that movie career and the need to have a public issue after she loses.

  3. LA Says:

    Whether stories are fiction or not, (e.g. Florida 2000, Ohio 2004) the issue is verification of votes. It is true that Diebold machines have problems and many states will not certify them. Is that fiction as well?


  4. Mark Says:

    The point is that we need to be rationale about this. This is a case of someone crying wolf. Signing on with her on this one diminishes the ability to mobalize against genuine cases of abuse down the road. Her playbook tonight: 1) I lost b/c of machine abuse (no proof or motive); 2) I lost because of Republican cross overs (no — she lost a majority of Democratic votes in the primary); 3) He’s really a Republican (3 Republican contributions from over a total of 1,400)

  5. Buzz Says:

    LA or should I say Mel??

    No one is saying that a person can’t complain. Here you have HL who has a website. He can run a petition to get enough signatures to get a bill to not allow voting machines. Don’t cry and whine about the system try to put forth the effort to fix it if you think it’s so bad.

    I have been all over the world. Most of the people I have talked to would love to come to America or try to relocate to America and become citizens. It is the dream of millions around the world to live in the best democracy in the world. REGARDLESS of politics, so don’t bash it. Try to make people see it your way and change it.

    Actually LA just leave it, we won’t miss you.

  6. Buzz Says:

    Yeah and who is this source??? McKinneys mom?? Anyone can complain about fraud…….just like crying wolf. I bet no one would lie to plant a seed of doubt as to the outcome. Why can’t they just vote on a paer ballot if the machines are having issues??

    Why do I have a PDA in my pocket that has a camera, a cell phone, the ability to see the internet and all this other hi tech shit.

    And these ass wipes can’t even figure out how to make a machine count the votes correctly??

    And don’t start with this whole ” oh they are republican owned and operated ” bullshit. It is a public traded company, there is a board of trustee’s, employees that need to be be paid and a companies bottom line to look at. So they want to be as succesful as possible.

  7. Mark Says:

    And, there is the fact the Republicans want her to win: 1) They (GA Republicans in legislature) redrew her district to make it harder for her to lose (Bill Shipp article on the subject); 2) She’s totally ineffective as a legislator; 3) She’s a good fundraising source for Republicans nationally.

  8. Buzz Says:

    Yeah I loved the news clips of her security roughing up reporters. A bunch of tough guys……….so long Cynthia and take your thugs with you!

  9. HL Says:

    Did you know that Diebold also makes ATM machines. Have you ever once had a malfunction at an ATM machine? I haven’t. How come they can’t make voting machines as reliable as an ATM?

  10. Buzz Says:

    How come my post of maybe being able to vote at an atm was removed. I thought it was pretty funny??

  11. HL Says:

    Sorry I may have deleted your comment accidentally. I am getting flooded with spam posts and I have to go through and remove them, and I think I accidentally deleted one of your comments. Feel free to post it again.