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Archive for September 22nd, 2007

Email: Subject: I Like Your Site

Posted in Email, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 22nd, 2007 1:33 pm by HL

send the email here From Bill W

HL you have showen that you know nothing about
politics. You keep complaining about the democrats not
doing this or that and YOU voted for them even after
they told you they weren’t going to do anything.

HL Responds
That’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats tolerate dissent and opposing ideas, unlike Republicans who insist you are an oath swearing lockstep marching buffoon. That is why a lot of thinking Republicans are leaving the party.

Not to mention that the democrats don’t have enough votes
to over ride a veto so even if they wanted to do
something about this they couldn’t.

Yes you are correct, The obstructionist Republican Senators are filibustering more legislation then any Congress ever, as I pointed out in one of the stories yesterday. Funny how much they bitched and whined when Democrats tried to stop people like Harriet Miers from being nominated to the Supreme Court. So it’s OK when they do it but not OK when someone else does it. Isn’t that just like those whiny little idiots.

As to Bush and Cheney making money on this war you
better look in your own back yard because you are
making money on it to with all of your anti war
articles. So you are no better than the “Big Corps”
and Bush and Cheney.

I am not making any money on the war, I would be here even if there was no war. Making (very little) money fighting against the war is hardly the same thing. See that’s the problem with you Republican trolls, no matter how many times I point out the obvious you never seem to get it, and keep posting the same BS that I already proved wrong time and time again, then you wonder why I delete you absolutely retarded comments.

Oh and on a second note why don’t you let me post any
more? Is it because you can’t counter the truth or
that you don’t want others to hear the truth from the
other side.

Actually I am happy to post any comments from anyone who has an intelligent opinion and not just a lot of profanity and buzz slogans you heard in church or from Bill O’reilly.

Since you only let people that don’t know
the truth post their uninformed responces to your

Oh so the people who post comments on both sides of the aisle on here are uninformed but you are the only genius who has the mental capacity to actually know what you are talking about?

That is just like a Lib to lie to the people and not
want them to know the truth.
I have come to expect nothing less from you and now
know that you only block me because you can’t counter
the truth with anything but lies. If you had nothing
to fear than you would let me post on your site. But
since you can’t defend your side without lieing than
it explains why you wont let me post any more. That is
fine as you have seen I still get on there from time
to time.

Yep, every now and then you may see a really stupid comment on this site, those all come from the troll who spends all day trying to figure out ways around my spam filters. His name is Bill, or is it Proud Conservative, or is it Kill the Islamofacists, its all the same guy.

Have a great dream day.

You Too