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Archive for September 13th, 2007

MSM Pissing Themselves in Fear Over Kucinich

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 13th, 2007 8:50 am by HL

Special Report: WashPo and Time Help ABC Bury Treatment of Kucinich

Media Bloodhound
The Only candidate worth electingFollowing last Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate on ABC News’ This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Dennis Kucinich’s campaign asked ABC News to address issues it had with treatment Rep. Kucinich (D-Ohio) received both during the debate and afterward in ABC’s online coverage….

ABC News representatives felt it necessary to answer the Kucinich campaign’s objections when Time magazine’s National Political Correspondent Karen Tumulty queried them. Writing on the Time blog Swampland, Tumulty initially says of the Kucinich team’s issues with ABC’s treatment (which included Kucinich not having a chance to speak until 28 minutes into the debate)…

First, just so we’re all up to speed, here are the issues (an aggregate of the thousands of complaints received during and after ABC’s debate coverage) that the Kucinich campaign asked ABC News to address:

* Congressman Kucinich was apparently deliberately cropped out of a "Politics Page" photo of the candidates.

* Sometime Monday afternoon, after Congressman Kucinich took a
commanding lead in ABC’s own on-line "Who won the Democratic debate"
survey, the survey was dropped from prominence on the website.

* ABC News has not officially reported the results of its online survey.

* After the results of that survey showed Congressman Kucinich
winning handily, ABC News, sometime Monday afternoon, replaced the
original survey with a second survey asking "Who is winning the
Democratic debate?"

* During the early voting Monday afternoon and evening, U.S. Senator
Barack Obama was in the lead. By sometime late Monday or early Tuesday
morning, Congressman Kucinich regained the lead by a wide margin in
this second survey.

* Sometime Tuesday morning, ABC News apparently dropped the second survey from prominence or killed it entirely.

HL’s Take
The Washington Post, Time, and rest of the MSM should be afraid of Kucinich. They know that if he wins the whole ball of wax goes up in flames. No more huge corporate tax cuts. No more being a part of the “insiders” that allow the BS in this country perpetrated by Republicans to go unchecked, and unreported. Of course they will immediatly begin bashing him, but like with Ron Paul, the people are learning more and more everyday what a bunch of bought and paid for lying weasle bastards the MSM is. That’s why even though it is doing everything it can to prevent Kucinich, and Paul, from being heard, they are both winning online polls. The people are wising up.

Soldiers Who Spoke Against War in NY Times Killed in Iraq

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 13th, 2007 8:39 am by HL

Deaths of Soldiers ‘Brings It Home’ For ‘NYT’ Editorial Page Editor

Washington Post
NEW YORK The deaths in Iraq of Sgt. Omar Mora and Sgt. Yance Gray are hitting closer to The New York Times than most, according to Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal. That’s because the duo were among seven soldiers who penned a controversial Times column critical of some elements of the war just last month.

“It brings it home and it reminds you how distant most people are from this war,” said Rosenthal, who said the soldiers sent the column unsolicited to the paper seeking its publication. “It would be ludicrous to say this war has now touched us, but it has in a way. These are guys who had been more public.”

Mora and Gray, who died Monday in a vehicle accident in Western Baghdad, were among seven soldiers who co-wrote the column that ran in August and raised concerns about the operation there.

Among the column’s statements: “In short, we operate in a bewildering context of determined enemies and questionable allies, one where the balance of forces on the ground remains entirely unclear.”

The column sparked a strong reaction from Pentagon officials, who defended the U.S. operation in a statement, but stopped short of punishing the soldiers for speaking out.

HL’s Take
Oh really, did not punish them for speaking out. So I guess even death is not enough punishment for Republicans. Strange that these guys speak out, the Pentagon gets itself all in a later over it, and then a couple of days later the guys are dead. Don’t join the Army, if the enemy doesn’t get you, your own people will.

Republican Lying Whore Reporter Fired for False Obama Interview

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 13th, 2007 8:33 am by HL

Consultant Probed in Bogus Interview

Washington Post
A former consultant to ABC’s investigative unit admitted yesterday that he put his name on a purported interview with Barack Obama that he never conducted.

Alexis Debat, a former French defense official who now works at the Nixon Center, published the interview in the French magazine Politique Internationale. He said he had hired a freelance journalist to conduct the interview, in which the Democratic presidential candidate supposedly said that Iraq was “already a defeat for America” that has “wasted thousands of lives.” Debat said he had been unable to locate the intermediary, and the Obama campaign says no such interview took place.

ABC demanded Debat’s resignation in June after discovering that he did not have a PhD from the Sorbonne, as he claims on his resume.

HL’s Take
This clown works at the Nixon Center for Henry Kissinger. Ahh Republicans…No amount of lying, cheating, stealing, and killing is too much. No Mountain of hypocrisy too high to climb.

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on 9/11 Anniversary

Posted in H.L. News, Videos on September 13th, 2007 8:27 am by HL

Keith’s show is the only political show besides “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” worth watching, and the only reason at all to turn on the TV. (well except for Football of course)

UC Law School Dean Fired for being a Liberal

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 13th, 2007 8:17 am by HL

Law school dean fired for liberal ‘political views.’

Editor & Publisher
Constitutional Scholar Edwin ChemerinskyAbout a week ago, the new law school at the University of California at Irvine hired Erwin Chemerinsky, a well-known constitutional scholar, as the school’s inaugural Dean. But yesterday, Michael V. Drake, Irvine’s chancellor, fired him, “saying that he had not been aware of how Chemerinsky’s political views would make him a target for criticism from conservatives.” Chemerinsky confirmed his firing to the Wall Street Journal today:

The chancellor “said he hadn’t expected that I would be such a target for conservatives, a lightning rod. It’s clear that significant opposition developed,” though the chancellor didn’t specify where it was coming from. […]

“Obviously I’m sad because it’s something I was excit[ed] about. I’m angry because I don’t believe anyone liberal or conservative should be denied a position like this because of political views.”

UPDATE: The LA Times notes that April 2005, Chemerinsky “was named one of ‘the top 20 legal thinkers in America’ by Legal Affairs magazine.”

HL’s Take
C’mon this is California for christ’s sake. UC Irvine is in Orange County, which is still a Republican bastion, although not as much as it was a few years ago. A lot of people down there still have “W” stickers on their cars. (hey who cares how much Bush screws up the country and how many people die, as long as we still have the place in Newport) Of course it’s OK that the head of Pepperdine’s Law School is none other then the man who wasted $70 Million investigating Bill Clinton’s zipper, and came away with nothing, Ken Starr. Yes that is a private school. I didn’t even know that Irvine had a law school. Tell you what though I would never hire a lawyer that went there. If you want to go to law school, or need to hire an attorney, get one from a real law school like UCLA

Republican Columnist George Will: The Surge is a Failure

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 13th, 2007 8:05 am by HL

Syndicated Columnists React to Iraq War Testimony on Capitol Hill

Editor & Publisher
NEW YORK The reaction of syndicated columnists to the Iraq War testimony of Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker has been mostly predictable along ideological lines. But not every conservative pundit has echoed the Bush administration’s stance.

For instance, George Will wrote: “Before Gen. David Petraeus’ report, and to give it a context of optimism, the president visited Iraq’s Anbar province to underscore the success of the surge in making some hitherto anarchic areas less so.”

The Washington Post Writers Group columnist added: “More significant, however, was that the president did not visit Baghdad. This underscored the fact that the surge has failed, as measured by the president’s and Petraeus’ standards of success.”

HL’s Take
Some of the other Republican columnists of course take a much more party line stance on the Surge that has killed more US soldiers, and innocent Iraqi’s then before the surge started.
One of them chastises Congress for not trusting the guy (Petraues) whom the confirmed unanimously. He’s got a point. Of course if The Democrats weren’t a bunch of scared pu$$ies on the take, they wouldn’t fall all over themselves to give Bush everything he wants, then they would not subject themselves to such criticism. They voted for the war, they voted to confirm Ashcroft, and Gonzalez. They continuously approve more money for the war, they approve the Patriot act. I could go on all day but you get the point

Time Magazine Acknowledges Ron Paul

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 13th, 2007 7:55 am by HL

Ron Paul for President 2.0?

Ron Paul in time magazine
Some political watchers, including poll respondents, are already considering Paul an also-ran. But Internet data paints a different picture for the candidate. According to Hitwise, for the four weeks ending Sept. 8, 2007, the most searched on candidate was “Ron Paul” with 0.54% of searches driving traffic to the politics category. “Fred Thompson” follows closely behind with 0.50%, “Joe Biden” with 0.25%, “Barack Obama” with 0.23% and “Hillary Clinton” also with 0.23%……

Despite his success on the Web, the gap between Paul’s poll standing and online popularity highlights a bigger problem for the doctor from Texas. Can his wired supporters take a break from shout-outs, sending virtual drinks and writing on virtual walls to shut down their computers and go out and vote?

HLs Take
So the question is, would people who spend hours and hours of their time supporting Ron Paul? People who go online and promote him, because they know he is a candidate like none of the others, there is still a over a year to go until the election. So after spending the next year going to Paul Rallies, sending out emails, telling their friends, writing in blogs and all that. Will those people bother to get up off their asses for one hour in a year from now to go out and vote? Is that what you are asking? Uh yeah, I think they will…especially since if they don’t they will be stuck with Rudy McRomney as a Republican Presidential candidate.
The real question should have been: After these people all go out and vote for Ron Paul, will the votes really count, or will the big money power find a way to steal the third straight Presidential election?