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Archive for September 5th, 2007

Michael O’McCarthy: End Funding of Wars

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Michael O'McCarthy's Blog on September 5th, 2007 7:19 am by HL

by Michael O’McCarthy


Mike O'MccarthyIts Pentagon budget time in Congress and its time for the members of the House and Senate who claim to represent the best interests of the people of the United States, who claim to oppose Bush’s military globalization policy to show up and put up. Failing to stop “the surge,” failing to pursue a cut-off of funds, and failing to proceed with impeachment, the Democrats have failed the American people who put them in the majority: they are dancing the dance of cowards.

Now is the time for those Congresspeople to sit-in within the House and filibuster in the Senate:
The reports are coming fast and furious: The Bush-Cheney Kriegmaschine is in full mode despite the overwhelming evidence that Bush-Cheney fabricated justification for the war and have violated both US and international law in its execution; despite a electoral sentiment that opposes the war; despite clear and present evidence that their war strategy for the occupation and “democratization” of Iraq is a failure; despite that ranking Pentagon military officers believe that the war is destroying the Army and the US’s ability to defend itself.

Their Kriegmaschine, by myriad accounts, is now preparing for a strike of war terror against Iran. Bush’s delusional obsession with as a God directed crusader the Middle East has hindered any ability that he may have once had to understand military strategy. His mission to Tehran is a continuance of his Mission to Baghdad. The optimum time for this religious zealot to attack Iran is over the Christmas and Hanukah holiday.

This is in the face that there is no evidence that Iran presents a clear and present danger to the US, nor that it is either more or less a danger to the stability of the Middle East than Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Turkey, all who are active players in the unfolding, frightening dynamic of Middle East politics. This despite recent best scientific evidence that its nuclear program remains directed towards domestic civilian use; far less a military threat than the nuclear weapons state of Israel.

It is thus clear that unless some extraordinary event by leadership of the Congress takes place, the mass opposition needed to stop the Bush-Cheney Kriegmaschine will not take place and Bush-Cheney will be free to extend their bizarre scheme of “globalization” by a war against Iran.

The budget for funding the Pentagon (and the continuance of the war in Iraq and one for Iran) is due on October 1st. The Democrats in the US Congress have proven time and time again that they haven’t the courage to stop the funding of Bush’s military apparatus. Republicans are stuck in GOP support mode, despite that they know Bush’s adventure is a failure; the surge being the latest act of incompetence.

A new strategy is necessary: the activist citizens of the United States must demand that the Democratic leadership in the Congress and Senate of the United States immediately begin a sit-in within Congress and a filibuster in the Senate until funds for the war in Iraq are cut-off and the President and Vice President are forced to swear off on a war against Iran.