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Email: Subject: I Like Your Site

Posted in Email, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 22nd, 2007 1:33 pm by HL

send the email here From Bill W

HL you have showen that you know nothing about
politics. You keep complaining about the democrats not
doing this or that and YOU voted for them even after
they told you they weren’t going to do anything.

HL Responds
That’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats tolerate dissent and opposing ideas, unlike Republicans who insist you are an oath swearing lockstep marching buffoon. That is why a lot of thinking Republicans are leaving the party.

Not to mention that the democrats don’t have enough votes
to over ride a veto so even if they wanted to do
something about this they couldn’t.

Yes you are correct, The obstructionist Republican Senators are filibustering more legislation then any Congress ever, as I pointed out in one of the stories yesterday. Funny how much they bitched and whined when Democrats tried to stop people like Harriet Miers from being nominated to the Supreme Court. So it’s OK when they do it but not OK when someone else does it. Isn’t that just like those whiny little idiots.

As to Bush and Cheney making money on this war you
better look in your own back yard because you are
making money on it to with all of your anti war
articles. So you are no better than the “Big Corps”
and Bush and Cheney.

I am not making any money on the war, I would be here even if there was no war. Making (very little) money fighting against the war is hardly the same thing. See that’s the problem with you Republican trolls, no matter how many times I point out the obvious you never seem to get it, and keep posting the same BS that I already proved wrong time and time again, then you wonder why I delete you absolutely retarded comments.

Oh and on a second note why don’t you let me post any
more? Is it because you can’t counter the truth or
that you don’t want others to hear the truth from the
other side.

Actually I am happy to post any comments from anyone who has an intelligent opinion and not just a lot of profanity and buzz slogans you heard in church or from Bill O’reilly.

Since you only let people that don’t know
the truth post their uninformed responces to your

Oh so the people who post comments on both sides of the aisle on here are uninformed but you are the only genius who has the mental capacity to actually know what you are talking about?

That is just like a Lib to lie to the people and not
want them to know the truth.
I have come to expect nothing less from you and now
know that you only block me because you can’t counter
the truth with anything but lies. If you had nothing
to fear than you would let me post on your site. But
since you can’t defend your side without lieing than
it explains why you wont let me post any more. That is
fine as you have seen I still get on there from time
to time.

Yep, every now and then you may see a really stupid comment on this site, those all come from the troll who spends all day trying to figure out ways around my spam filters. His name is Bill, or is it Proud Conservative, or is it Kill the Islamofacists, its all the same guy.

Have a great dream day.

You Too

12 Responses to “Email: Subject: I Like Your Site”

  1. sigw Says:

    The diligence of dittoheads goes above and beyond the call. Maybe I’m wearing a tinfoil headpiece about this, but it looks an awful lot like psy-ops being carried out against those who disagree with our chimp in charge and/or Lord Vader. We should feel flattered, but I for one can think of other (more productive) uses for taxpayer dollars.

  2. Ghost Walker Says:

    let me get this right you make up to $2,400 per blog for a three month time and you don’t make any money???????? as for bill,the proud consrvative,and kill the islamo they are not the same people.
    and yes, when you can’t counter bill or douglas (when he was here) you tried to hit them with a trojan virus and tracking cookies. you have blocked any one who might have different view other than your own. like buck why did you block him?? i bet he proved you wrong one too many times. right??
    i looked into to what bill and buck have posted and found some very interresting infomation. these boys have done alot of research. douglas had some good things too but was a little exocentric at times. you just took what he said out of context and twisted it. but after all twisting is what you do best right??
    some off the stupidest coments i read on here is “HL’s take” they are better than your so called comics
    by blocking people you are vilolating thier right to freedom of speech.
    why is it that the democrats filibustered every republican nominations since day one. this act dates back to sen. Calhoun back in the early 1800 when he tried to protect slavery by saying that slavery was a possitive good(he was a dem. from SC.)

  3. Ghost Walker Says:


  4. alex Says:


    I am a would be DREAM Act beneficiary. Senate Republicans will block and obstruct the DREAM Act next week. WE NEED ACTIVISTS!!!!

    I am reaching out to everybody to help us in the passage of the DREAM ACT.

    The DREAM ACT is not an amnesty. It will be an adjustment of status for students that have lived their entire lives in the US, to attend college and join the military.


    join the passage of the DREAM ACT CAUSE IN FACE BOOK:

    and call your senators in support of the dream act!!! THANKS!

  5. Paul Says:

    “why is it that the democrats filibustered every republican nominations since day one. this act dates back to sen. Calhoun back in the early 1800 when he tried to protect slavery by saying that slavery was a possitive good(he was a dem. from SC.)”

    Calhoun would be a repub nowadays, just like the rest of SC.

    BTW, the GOP lost any moral high ground once it started shredding our civil rights.

  6. Ghost Walker Says:

    Paul can you tell me why the democratic front runner has a long history of suporting the comunistic form of goverment and are fighting so hard to kill or 2nd admendment right check out this link and see just who wants to take our rights away

  7. HL Says:

    OK first of all no one ever buys the 3 month ad. Not all the ads on the site are pay ads. As a matter of fact I made less then $100 on this site last month.
    I never tried to hit anyone with a trojan virus. There was some kind of problem with my Web provider which has been fixed.
    Also I never blocked Buck, he just stopped coming. I liked Buck (even though he lost a bet to me for a $500 gift card and never paid up) because unlike you, he didn’t keep repeating the same lame crap that you do over and over again. Last I heard from Buck he was going to start his own blog. I guess he realized that its not as easy as he thought. Or maybe he just got tired of me proving him wrong all the time.
    As I said I only delete the super lame comments from the O’rielly talking points that you keep repeating over and over, if you don’t like it go ahead and start your own blog, let me know the URL so I can come on and make some comments to your obviously superior material

  8. OUTLAW 900 Says:

    HL that means you lied yousaid you were making no money off the war than turned around and siad that you did. Also you say it is a spam filter but i don’t send spam, as to me useing lame comments from O’rielly or Rush i don’t need them to give me the facts to counter you. Thank you for making me as important as Bush. If you supposidly allow all comments and delete lame ones than explain how i show up as spam?? you have blocked IP address and that is not spam. for some one who is so equal why won’t you let me respond to my e-mail of mine that you posted

    Thanks much your buddy Bill

    P.S if it was spam i’d not be able for other computers

  9. HL Says:

    See this is exactly what I am talking about

    “HL that means you lied yousaid you were making no money off the war than turned around and siad that you did.”

    As I pointed out before if you would have read and comprehended what I wrote,

    “Making (very little) money fighting against the war is not the same as making money on war.
    I would be here either way.”

    So I did not lie, you did. I never said I don’t make any money. This is why I delete your asinine comments.

    I know you idiots come on here and try to be as stupid as possible because you are trying to scare away the intelligent readers of the site who have no desire to get into a circular argument with a bunch of willfully stupid people. But see, the more people who read the site, the more money I make, so I will not allow you to do that. I also know that there are Republican organizations who pay people to go on Liberal blogs to cause trouble. I hope you guys are getting paid for this because otherwise you seriously need to get some lives.

    OK Any more comments like that last one will be deleted. So stop being so F**King Stupid

  10. Ghost Walker Says:

    “I am not making any money on the war, I would be here even if there was no war. Making (very little) money fighting against the war is hardly the same thing.” HL it is commits that you make like this that causes people to doubt your word and think you lie and twist thing around. i am not trying to slam on you just point things out . it is no different than when i get a brain fart and word my thoughts wrong and you slam on me right????

  11. HL Says:

    Wrong. I did not lie, and yet you think I did. There is no lie, I shouldn’t even have to defend myself agaisnt such BS. You are wrong. I am right. Thank You.

  12. (: Tom :) Says:

    Yet another Republican’t troll says let me get this right, and then gets everything wrong. What’s so hard to figure out? Republican’t troll performing Republican’t smear and distract ops on a progressive blog. Better call the Waaaaahmbulance – Republican’ts are getting treated almost as rudely as they treat others!