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Archive for September 10th, 2007

Police Attack Peaceful Protesters as Bush Visits Sydney

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 10th, 2007 7:53 am by HL

Peaceful Sydney Anti-Bush, Anti-Iraq Shattered By Police Violence : “That’s The Way We Do Business Now”

The Orstrahyun

Of the more than 6000-8000 who marched, all but a few dozen protested peacefully, without violence or aggression. More than half of all protesters were women, hundreds of elderly people marched, joined by hundreds of families, with young children.

But the 2500 police deployed, backed by a full riot squad, a water cannon, backpacks full of pepper spray, dogs and snipers in a helicopter hovering above the crowd, were pumped for the long promised “worst riots ever seen in Sydney.” A promise made only by the police and state government ministers over the past few weeks.

Protesters were wrestled to the ground, put in headlocks, had their arms twisted up behind their backs, had knees rammed into their spines and, in a number of assaults by police, were punched in the back and neck with a flurry of hard blows while being held down. Few of those assaulted and beaten displayed any resistance at all…

An accountant, who crossed the street in the wrong place, was slammed onto the footpath and had his face rammed into the ground by at least six police officers. His young son stood nearby, clearly trembling in fear, as police wrestled the man who offered up no resistance, except to protect his glasses. He was held in a police cell for 22 hours and was denied contact with his lawyer and family members. Police didn’t return his glasses until after he was released from custody.

Bush Turning Iraq Into Nazi Germany Jewish Ghettos

Posted in H.L. News on September 10th, 2007 7:40 am by HL

Under siege: what the surge really means in Baghdad

A city divided by high concrete walls, barbed wire and checkpoints; armoured columns moving through deserted evening streets lit by the glow of searchlights and emptied by official curfew and fear. This is Baghdad, seven months into the surge, and George Bush’s last throw of the dice in Iraq…

But for many Iraqis, the Americans have turned their land into a prison. The barriers, which have turned Baghdad into a series of ghettos, are meant to keep the bombers out, but they also keep residents penned in. People may feel safer inside their neighbourhoods, but are more wary of venturing outside them. A short journey across the city can take hours with roads blocked off and numerous checkpoints, discouraging people from visiting relations and friends and reinforcing the sense of isolation.

HLs Take
Sound familiar?…Well if you ever watched any movie that features Nazi Germany during WW2 (Schindlers List, The Pianist etc.) Then it should sound very familiar. This is exactly what Germany did to the Jews. Bush and Hitler, brothers in arms. Bush’s great uncle Adolf was a great inspiration to him. And some day, if Bush, the neocons, the republicans, and most democrats have their way, they will be doing it here to us as well.