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Republicans Trying to Steal California in ’08

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 14th, 2007 6:30 am by HL

The Republicans, in their never ending quest to win elections dishonestly are hard at work trying to figure out how to steal next years election. Maybe that’s why Karl Rove left the White House, to spend all his time trying to come up with a way to grab the 2008 vote. Now a Lawyer that helped get Arnold Scwarzeneggar elected Governor, is trying to steal California for the Republicans. You remember how they foisted Arnold on us. Some guy who made millions on one of the most annoying, yet most useless inventions ever, the car alarm, decided to spend a few million of his own money to have Governor Grey Davis recalled. They were blaming Enron, and California’s energy woes that were a result of that on Davis and got the signatures for the recall. Of course this was back when Republicans had the nation in their back pocket. The poor fool who spent all the money on the recall thought he would become the new Governor, but he got screwed over by The Republican party. (gee what a surprise) when they decided to run someone that people knew, another mouthpiece like Reagan.
Now a Lawyer who helped get Arnold in has a new trick, he’s trying to get an initiative on the ballot that would split up California’s electoral vote. He is going to try to have it decided in the Primary election which is on June 3, of next year. Of course he is figuring that most people don’t bother to vote in the Primaries in California, and he can get all his Republican minions out to vote on this thievery. Here are more detail from Newsweek

Thomas Hiltachk, who specializes in ballot referenda that try to fool people in the titles and fine print, is sponsoring a ballot initiative for the June 3, 2008, California primary (which now falls four months after the state’s presidential primary). The Presidential Election Reform Act would award the state’s electoral votes based on who wins each congressional district. Had this idea been in effect in 2004, Bush would have won 22 electoral votes from California, about the same number awarded the winners of states like Illinois or Pennsylvania. In practical terms, adopting the initiative would mean that the Democratic candidate would likely have to win both Ohio and Florida in 2008 (instead of one or the other) to be elected…
Hiltachk, who is lying low for now, is a former campaign lawyer for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The governor’s office says Schwarzenegger has no position on the initiative and “had absolutely nothing to do with its development.” But whichever way Schwarzenegger goes, several GOP presidential candidates and their financial backers have already offered to help boost the plan. Just interested in good government? They’ve shown a curious lack of interest in backing the same idea in Red States.

HL’s Take
They don’t want to do it in the Red States, just here in California. So if this plan were to go through, and the Republicans again steal either Florida, or Ohio, or some other big state that they are probably working on right now, we will have yet another GOPer to run this country even further into the ground. Don’t let them get away with it. Stay tuned to The HL for more on this story, and be prepared to go vote NO on June 3, 2008. Thank You.

3 Responses to “Republicans Trying to Steal California in ’08”

  1. hay Says:

    I have to repeat here my earlier statements: the Republicans steal all elections because they are not conservatives, they are all liberals massively expanding the power and spending for the statists.

    Their is no difference between the two parties. Elections became useless years ago.

  2. Ghost Walker Says:

    The rebpulicans may steal the elections but the Democrats have more dead people that vote than any other party -so in my veiw ain’t either of’em very honest- the sad thing bout president wanna be’s is we have to pick who the lesser of the evils

  3. Matthias Says:

    hi i enjoyed the read