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Democrats to Neuter Bush’s Torture Law

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 21st, 2006 11:31 am by HL

Kill Bill – Neutering Bush’s Torture Law

Bob Geiger.com
Bush loves TortureOf the many good things we are beginning to see before the newly-constituted Democratic Congress even assumes power, one of the most gratifying is the move by Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) to neuter the hideous Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA), passed by the Republicans, and signed by George W. Bush in October.

On Friday, Dodd introduced legislation to amend Bush’s “torture bill,” remove the almost-dictatorial powers it has given the White House and neutralize the bastardizing effect it’s had on the United States Constitution.”I strongly believe that terrorists who seek to destroy America must be punished for any wrongs they commit against this country,” said Dodd, in introducing this important measure. “But in my view, in order to sustain America’s moral authority and win a lasting victory against our enemies, such punishment must be meted out only in accordance with the rule of law.”

36 Responses to “Democrats to Neuter Bush’s Torture Law”

  1. Outlaw Says:

    Once again the Democrats are going to give US rights to people that are not US citizens. Someone please tell me were in the United States Constitution it says that people who are not US citizens have the same rights as we do. I don’t recall any other country doing this. You go to any other country and brake the law there and see if they give you the same rights as their citizens have, I think not. So why are we giving people who are not US citizens the same rights as we have. And until the people in this country figure this out we are screwed because people like Islam radicals will take advantage of it.

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    Outlaw…don’t we want to make sure we actually have the right people in custody? Or have we completely given up on that? And for all our moral posturing and rhetoric…do we really want to conduct ourselves in the same way as “any other country”?

  3. LA Says:

    Any Islamic radicalism is just a plain reaction to US/Israeli heavy handedness in the Islamic world. Most people don’t hate the US. It’s the stupid government that they hate. Including the majority of americans.

    We don’t need torture applied to anyone. Especially when the next one tortured is likely to be american. So anyone that is classifed as an “enemy combatant” or “sedicious” could be tortured under Bush’s law.

    I don’t think we’re screwed, our government screws things up for us.

  4. Outlaw Says:

    Imz we can make sure that we have the right people without giving them US rights. The Germans that were tried for war crimes didn’t recieve US rights and yet it was proven that they had the right people. Imz wasn’t Sadam just found guilty for the crimes that he did? and he wasn’t given any US rights and his attorney was kick out of the court room. They don’t do that here. LA as for no one hating the American people just hating the government your wrong about that because the hold a celebration every year in Iran about killing Americans not just the government.

  5. LA Says:

    Just like Israelis celebrate Purim and burn dummies that represent Arabs. Since there should be justice, let a world court try Bush and his cabal. Maybe some torture on them will be pay back.

  6. Buck Says:

    LA ! Read this slowly! YOU ARE AN AMERICAN! But you are showing sympathy for nations that hate AMERICA! You are showing sympathy for the reasons why they hate us. You have shown an understanding as to WHY they kill us! Basically your ass cares ….about them! Them being radical muslims! You cant lay any kind of claim to loving America by having sympathy for the nations that kill us! Oh you can say it, as well it is your right but it makes you seem very hollow! As proof to that fact when outlaw refered to the Iranian celebrations about killing AMERICANS (of which you are one) you complained about what the Israelis were doing! So what, were they celebrating killing Americans? NO is the answer! That is for radical islamic states and terrorists!

    You need to get you an armband LA! It should read………ME AMERICAN!! ME AMERICAN!

    You should keep it on you all the time to remind you that you are an American not a Iranian!! Ya dig???

  7. LA Says:

    My support of Iran is no different than my support of Norway. The only difference is that the zionist media wants war with Iran. It’s that simple.

    I’m not treatened by Iran. It’s only Israel that wants to take on Iran because it is the only power in the ME that can counter zionist ambitions. And what are those ambitions? Control of ME oil and therefore control over the US.

    Let me qualify something here. Not all Israelis are war mongers and hate Islam. But the ones that control the country do. They are no different than any radical that hates the US. However. Americans generally believe any story that the media prints.

    I’ll say it once again, the majority of the world sees right thru American/Israeli policy in the ME. They understand that its propoganda and that Iran is NOT a threat.

    On the other hand, if you were Iranian, wouldn’t you want to increase your military strength knowing that Israeli zionists want to destroy your country. I doubt that Israeli made more friends in Lebanon.

    I should also say that millions of Americans understand this and know that this country is being duped by the pro-Israel press and AIPAC controlled US Congress.

    There is no threat to the USA.

  8. LA Says:

    Buck, do you know whether I’m Iranian or American? What if I am Iranian, born in the US. What does that make me? Should I not be loyal to my country then?

    Who is always calling Iranian terrorists? It’s not the church I go to. It’s not the Americans I hang out with. It’s only the same people that wanted war in the ME and don’t give a rat’s ass about it. They’re the same ones that don’t care what happens to Palestinians. Oh no!!!!! That’s because they’re not kosher and they speak arabic.

    I’m well versed with history and politics. I’m very aware of how governments work. I’m aware how the media deseminates whatever agenda the government has in most cases. It’s obvious that in the US there is a biased media against Iran. It doesn’t report the truth nor does it have an obligation according to our courts.

    I don’t know where you get your information from, but I read the national and interenational press every day. I see the differences of reporting and the same story with 2-3 versions. So, I can understand why you’re so misguided about what you read. All I can tell you is to peel the onion to get to the truth.

    You should thank me for my stand because it’s Americans like me that are keeping this country from becoming another Soviet Union. I’m true to my beliefs because I believe that I’m correct and history will prove that. Already we’re seeing that my points of view are correct.

    You on the other hand, seem to repeat the same stuff I’ve heard so many years. Do you remember Viet Nam? Well, they were a “threat” to our national securiry once upon the time. That was an outright lie.

    How long will it take you before you figure out that you’ve been duped and people like you help the tyrannical ones in this country? If you truly are a patriot, then open your eyes and start realizing that: to quote Pogo “”YEP, SON, WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US.”

    “He” is right next to you Buck, and I doubt you have Arab neighbors.

  9. Buck Says:

    I have Irish, english and cherokee blood in me. Im not however a citizen of Ireland, England, or the cherokee nation! Im an American first. I have already told you before that Iran is responsible for American deaths! Hundreds of them! That is not propaganda! That is documented fact! What Israel is doing dosent matter! Lets talk about Iran and the USA! Why does the goverment of Iran condone killing Americans?? Dont duck the question by complaining about the Israelis! Im not an Israeli! Bitch at the Israelis! Better yet let the citizens of Iran bitch at the Israelis! You and I are americans, so lets worry about america! Do you know some arabs over that that really feel as you do! Well then tell them one of your fellow american citizens said quit holding the USA responsible for what Israel does! If not, well then you can see where our anti arab bias comes from cant you??

  10. LA Says:

    Irish Americans knew that the true terrorists in Ireland were the British. English Americans knew the same. The Cherokee nations knows that US colonists and expansionists ARE responsible for their destruction.

    The commonality is that they’re all Americans, born on this land.

    Yes you’ve told me that Iranians are responsible for American deaths. What are the instances, I don’t know because you offer no proof.

    “What Israel is doing dosent matter!” Really? You don’t think that what Israel IS doing affects our relationship with Arab nations and the world? I beg to differ!

    Let’s talk about Iran and the USA. I remember quite well when the US embassy was overtaken by Iranian rebels in 1980. Wasn’t a revolution going on then? But conveniently the the Reagan group negotiated a deal with them. That was okay then. It just happens that the same people envolved then want war today.

    What was their threat? They wanted their country back? Is tha the same problem the same US terrorists have against Venezuela?

    Those same people supported terrorism against people in Chile, Congo, Viet Nam El Salvador, Nicaragua and on.

    Dude, you’re on a losing streak. Admit it! You’re government, the one you so much love, is wrong and corrupt. It is against the people and humanity.

    Don’t forget that Patriots will shoot to kill when necessary to defend the homeland. Unlike the political hacks that you seem to support; they would throw your ass under the bus if it’s more convenient for them. You might as well join us or you get swept under the rug.

    Please process this information for your own health.

  11. SA Says:

    O.K. everyone(excuse me)almost everyone knows not to support the enemy, although I’m seeing signs of enemy praise like their the victim: I need to figure out why the hell I’m arguing with an uneducated terrorist sympathiser.

  12. Buck Says:

    Gee Golly, how about the bombing of the US marine barracks in Lebanon! 241 American lives that you want to fluff off! Dont duck the fact that Hezzbollah is Iran’s main terrorist organization! Guess what LA! That makes it their puppy! Do you want more! How many more American lives do you want to right off because of your fear and jealousy of Israel! My Texas partner SA is correct! You ARE an uneducated terrorist sympathiser! Proving you wrong is fun LA! Remember for starters……..241 DEAD AMERICANS. Are you ready to quit? Or are you a glutton?? hee hee hee Buck out!!!!!

  13. Outlaw Says:

    LA you want proof of Iranians killing Americans here’s a list. In Beirut in 1983, terrorists killed 241 Americans, In 1993 we had the killing of American soldiers in Mogadishu, and the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, than the attack on the Saudi National Guard Training Center in Riyadh in 1995, killings at Khobar Towers in 1996, the attack on our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, and lets not forget than Iranian funded 9/11 attack. And since all of these there have been attacks in Jerusalem, Riyadh, Casablanca, Istanbul, Karachi, Mombassa, Bali, Jakarta, Najaf, Baghdad, London and Madrid. These are all in the news and are all easy to find so were do you want to start LA.

  14. Buck Says:

    Outlaw your tearing him up! Leave some meat for SA and I oK.

    hee hee hee hee. H.L. your man needs some help! Would YOU like to claim that Iran has not took American lives? Or are you going to set LA straight?

  15. Buck Says:

    ‘Im very aware of how goverments work’…. but not so aware to know that communist nations like North Korea still exsist.

    Your in the hole LA!

  16. SA Says:

    Good morning men and not forgetting the mice who I don’t really consider to be a formidable opponent because they rest their case on hypothetical as well as uninformed info. Thankyou men for relying on facts. I’m almost ashamed of all the mice scampering around in my own field. Apparently a lot of these mice are responsible for their own demise because they keep on following this JACKASS that carelessly steps anywhere

  17. Buck Says:

    Good morning! LA is gonna get upset at that one!

  18. LA Says:

    First, let’s talk about Lebanon. Let’s talk about the barracks. You all blame terrrorists for the attack. Now lets see, where were the terrorists from? You immediately blame Iran because that’s what the media told. Well, I argue against that. It’s Israeli agents that did the bombing. My evidence is as good as yours. Look up the facts, follow the pattern. You can defend Israel if you wish, you all seem to be Israeli proxies. That’s my contention.

    SA, so far you said absolutely nothing. Read my posts and give an answer. Otherwise, you’re just another hack that will soon be discredited.

    Outlaw, you say you have proof but prove nothing. I already read yesterday’s news and am quite aware of the events.

    Maybe we should start with Madrid. Let’s talk about that bombing. Who done it? Who was convicted? What type of explosives were used? Do you know? Tell me what you know.

    Buck: As far as proving me or anyone wrong, so far, I’ve seen your posts and you are factually wrong on nearly every point you make. So far, I’m not very impressed.

    Boys, you’ve got a ways to go. You’ve shown me nothing yet.

  19. Outlaw Says:

    Well LA since all of those bombings were in foriegn papers and news broadcasts before they were in US broadcasts and that is were I got them from I guess your “my facts are wrong and from the media” is a load of CRAP. I was stationed over seas in the military and that is were I got the news from so you want to tell the whole world that they are wrong. I would say that the whole world is more likly to be right and you are the one that is WRONG. So before you go shooting your mouth off about someone not having the facts ya better make sure your right and you my friend are NOT.

  20. SA Says:

    It is true, I am nothing;As for having said nothing or having indesputable proof, I beg to differ. I have no desire to spend my time trying to prove anything to you. I’ve already seen you dispute statistical facts. So for any newcomer like myself one could only conclude, you are an artist. I could hit a home run in a baseball game and your headline would read I left home walking in a circle only to have two masked men waiting for me as I returned home. To me that really says something;Perhaps you really don’t understand.

  21. Buck Says:

    If we were riding around together in a car and I stoped at a stop sign LA Im sure If you so felt a desire you would claim that the stop sign is not really red! Despite the big red octogon thing being in your face! Proof is in the pudding! But your not getting enough! Buck out!!

  22. onthefence Says:

    lets remember how many americans kill americans. I wonder if you all think abortion doctors are terrorists, what about gang-bangers? What are we supposed to do bomb the abortion clinics and prisons to stop the murdering of some innocent americans? Would that make us terrorists or avengers of innocent american blood?

  23. Buck Says:

    Charlie Daneials said it best…….’we may do some fighting amoungst ourselves but you OUTSIDEe people best leave us alone’!!

  24. Buck Says:

    ‘My evidence is as good as yours’…. What the hell makes you think that LA??? You think an Israeli agent is responsible for the marine barracks bombing? What proof do YOU have of this? I think you pulled that one out of the dark corners of your ass! It looses you the arguement anyway by default! That was a SUICIDE attack. SO you are telling me that an Israeli agent infiltrated Iran’s Hezzbollah? Then that agent drove that truck into the barracks? Killing himself and 241 of America’s bravest? Your jealousy of Israel has got you hating the world dude! Settle down a little bit! Quit hanging out with the Jihad brothers! Israelis are not IN to suicide dude! Dying is the radical islamic muslims favorite part of life I guess! Your evidence is deader than a radical islamic muslim whos car bomb went off before he reached his target! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!!!!!!!!

  25. smokey Says:


  26. Buck Says:

    Good morning Smokey 1 ! How late did you stay up, and I got your messege on my cell! Call me if you check this message board!! Buck out!!!!!!

  27. SA Says:

    Woah wait just a minute ~on the fence~. Keeping your own house clean is easy if it is a regular practice. In case you haven’t recognized their are just enough people in the great U S of A keeping it real at whatever the cost. It is evident that somebody doesn’t like our capacity to be self-sufficient. Much evidence suggests that those people are responsible for many attacks on Americans. Right now those Americans targeted are not only in the aggressors region, they are fighting the aggressors at their home: NOT OURS !!! If you have a better idea I’m all ears!

  28. Buck Says:

    SA, People like H.L. and LA dont understand this! They live in the twilight zone! La dont want us to go blow the hell out of the radical islamic states because he has sympathy for their cause remember! This nut is for Islamic Jihad against Israel America’s number one ally! H.L. wants us to sit down with these people and have talks! I wonder about what! Like they are really gonna tell the people of America in forum for negotiations how, when and where they are gonna do suicidal Jihad attacks! Like they are going to bargain with us on where and when they go**AM blow us up! Ridiculus aint it??? Tell me about it , but thats what we get from the leaders of the democratic party these days! f**k!!!!!!

  29. LA Says:

    Madrid ==> Jose Maria Aznar’s team: destroyed all computer records dealing with the March 11 Madrid bombings before leaving office. Wonder why? Why was it that the Spanish blamed the Basques, but then “Al Qaeda” releases a video (just like Hollywood), leaves video evidence, tapes, Korans and evidence linking themselves to the bombing.

    Now how silly is that? You’ve heard of Mossad, CIA and KGB? I’m not aware of any news reports of their leaving evidence linking themselves to an operation. It doesn’t make sense. When you act covertly, you keep things under wrap.

    Now with “Al Qaeda,” why would they deliberately confess to the crime? Because they want to be terrorists? If one wants to be a terrorist, one does not reveal who one is. The element of surprise is a superior tactic to create terror.

    This is the same MO that we saw with 9/11 where physical evidence linking “Al Qaeda” to the event was left at Logan Airport, (e.g., Korans, documents) and even the most incredible story of all, Atta’s burnt passport or license in the WTC rubble. These stories just are too much of a stretch.

    As far as Madrid goes, I don’t recall ONE conviction of any of the suspects in that operation. That being the case, why are you certain that it was “Al Qaeda”?

    BTW, have you seen the Manchurian Candidate?

  30. LA Says:

    Buck, where you lose is that you NEVER can say, “hey, maybe LA has a point and his theory is plausible. Or at least, what facts are there to your theory?” You can never ask those questions? Is it that maybe you know something I don’t know. Perhaps you have doubts about your own theories because you’re repeating what you’ve read in the papers and that’s about it.

  31. Buck Says:

    It aint like this is the first time we have herd your shit dude! The thing about it is, in order to say ‘Hey, maybe LA has a point and his theory is plausible. Or at least, what facts are there to your theory’ You must first HAVE a theory that is plausible! A supporter of Jihad such as yourself who disputes facts and numbers, aint very likely to claim with any legitamacy that the imformation or theories he has are worth a Damn! Buck out!!!!

  32. LA Says:

    “It aint like this is the first time we have herd your shit dude!”

    Have you ever gone back and read your own posts? I’m sure I’m not the only one still waiting for you to post anything of substance. What I’ve seen the past 4-5 months has been nothing but dribble, ignorance, bullshit and denial. With a mind like yours there is no argument. I’ve finally figured out you can’t argue with foods. I doubt you’d even be welcome at Little Green Footballs.

  33. Outlaw Says:

    Ok LA you want to say that “Al Qaeda,” why would they deliberately confess to the crime? I ask you why would a highjacker dilibertely confess to a crime. And yet there have been how many who have admitted to doing so to get people they wanted released. Why would a murderer admit to killing his victims and yet they do. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the feel of them being in power and control af what is going on. Jose Maria Aznar why don’t you show me the proof that you have that his “team” was involved in the bombing because everything that I have found says it was the Al-Qaeda. Oh and that’s not from any US media.

  34. Buck Says:

    LA Its like this! What you have actually seen is a backfire stackup of YOUR own bullshit! The four or five months you speak of is the time spent in denial of the backfire! Your ignorance is manifested by the dribble YOU yourself speak! A bunch of dribbling, bullshiting, denying, ignorance!! That is what usually comes from Jihadists! Dude , your being consistant!! Buck out!!!

  35. LA Says:

    Is there a conviction if Spain of anyone related to “Al Qaeda”? Maybe a 14 year old? Wow, I’m really impressed by that. You ever wonder why Aznar (crypto) was ever defeated in the last Spanish election? You wonder why Spain pulled out their troops from Iraq (the coalition of the willing)? And today, Italy removed all their troops as well.

    You can say they were token. Doesn’t matter, they bailed because they knew that the whole thing is a charade. But it’s sorry that so many stupid American’s still believe that the “Al Qaeda” myth lives. Same as Emmanuel Goldstein. Scare tactics work.

    Put your energies into a pull out effort. That’s the best effort to avoid a complete defeat and save face. That’s the best you’ll ever do.

    You cannot win war based on lies and deceit. History has shown that when the invader has no moral basis for invasion, they lose.

  36. Outlaw Says:

    Your right LA getting Saddam out of there wasn’t moral at all we should never have gone in and taken that animal out of Iraq. We should have left him there and let him kill 1000’s more and not done a thing. That wasn’t moral at all.