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Florida Still Stealing Elections For Republicans

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 21st, 2006 12:02 pm by HL

FL-13: Election Contest Filed, State Certifies Race, Buchanan Claims Victory, Calls on Jennings to Concede

Brad Blog
In a press conference this morning, Vern Buchanan (R) called on Christine Jennings (D) to concede in the race for the U.S. House in Florida’s 13th Congressional district. In a process right out of the Bush/Cheney 2000 Florida Election debacle, the state of Florida certified the race today despite a 369 vote difference between the two and more than 18,000 still-unexplained “undervotes” registered on the paperless ES&S touch-screen voting machines used in Sarasota County.

H.L.s Take:
How about our new Democratic Congress look into this now. They got lucky this time in that the country was so pissed off at Bush that even Democrats could not screw up this time. However they are all up for re-election in two years, so lets get this screwheads in Flordia in prison and fix the election system already. (or do they want to lose again next time?)

9 Responses to “Florida Still Stealing Elections For Republicans”

  1. WWWIV Says:

    The Democrats approved the system just as well as the Republicans so they aren’t going to do a thing about it. It also gives them a bi*ch when they loose an election. They can say that it was stolen.

  2. LA Says:

    Sure…because repubs don’t ever steal. You must be kidding!

  3. LA Says:

    Malcolm X; Richard Kelly….

  4. Buck Says:

    OK two can play at this! It is easy! Here is how the democrats are doing it!

    The midterms were false! The voting booths were rigged in Montana, Missouri, and Virginia to favor democrats! Voters were turned away at the polls….so on and so on and so on……

    Like that….Buck out

  5. LA Says:

    Too bad! Republicans lost and that’s the end of story. Stop whining and crying.

  6. Outlaw Says:

    The thing is LA we aren’t whining and crying but if the Democrats had lost by god you would hear nothing but whining. In fact you would still be hearing about it now. Just like the Democrat in Fl is doing right now. Whining about the loss how bout that.

  7. LA Says:

    I would be too if I was cheated out of an election. It’s a moot point now because Repubs lost power and will continue to lose power. If you want to save your party, wake up and admit that you’ve got a bunch of boneheads running the show. The biggest bonehead is in the WH.

  8. Buck Says:

    Hey LA! Bush knows where Compton CA is dude! If he is a bonehead, what does that make you??

  9. LA Says:

    I know where Little Compton is. I’ve been to Walker’s farm. Have you?