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Politics News: Cheney’s Cheney, Hilary Mentions Ohio Vote Fraud, Bush Spying on Dems.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 11th, 2006 9:47 am by HL

Cheney’s Cheney

The New Yorker
Excerpt: BLAKE ESKIN: Most people have never heard of David Addington. Why is he important enough to be the subject of such an in-depth piece?

JANE MAYER: Addington has been the single most influential legal thinker, according to other Administration lawyers, in shaping the Bush Administration’s legal response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. He has left almost no paper trail, and has avoided all public scrutiny—as far as I know, he’s granted no interviews to reporters, and he even avoids having his photo taken by the press. It seemed important to me to hold the creator of these policies accountable, so that the public could understand better who is behind them and how he thinks

Clinton feeds theory of Ohio vote tampering

Excerpt COLUMBUS – U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton took a shot at Secretary of State Ken Blackwell of Cincinnati, the Republican candidate for governor, Monday during her third visit to Ohio this year.

Speaking to more than 3,000 people at a national conference of ACORN – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – Clinton prompted whoops and hollers by saying, “Let’s make sure that we count every vote in our elections.”
Referring to presidential races, Clinton said, “This country deserves to have an electoral system that has integrity. I know there’s been a problem here in Ohio, and I hope everybody from Ohio is watching this election like a hawk. Don’t let them pull anything over your eyes again.”

Detainee Rights Create a Divide on Capitol Hill

New York Times
Excerpt: The divisions do not fall strictly along traditional partisan lines and are as much within the parties as between them, particularly for Republicans. On one side of the debate are Republicans who believe Congress should give the president the authority to set up the kind of military commissions that were struck down by the court. Such commissions would sharply curtail defendants’ rights.
On the other side are those who say the trials should be modeled on the military system of courts-martial, an approach that would give detainees more due-process rights than would the commissions. In between, many Republicans and Democrats alike argue for starting with the military judicial system and tweaking it to reflect the differences of trying terrorism suspects.


Reclaiming The Issues: “Why Is Bush Spying On Democrats?!?”

Peoples Voice
Excerpt:Every time Democrats and progressives speak out about George W. Bush’s spying on Americans without mentioning that he may also be spying on Democrats, they’re playing into Karl Rove’s “National Security Frame” and actually strengthening Republican electoral chances in November.
To short-circuit this, Democrats need to invoke the ghost of Richard Nixon.
If they don’t, even Pete Hoekstra’s new revelations that there are even more as-yet-unreported secret spying programs that Bush has been hiding from Congress will be used by Rove to say to average voters, “See? We’re really looking out for you!”

H.L.s Take:Bush is spying on Democrats because he is scared of them. He is afraid that if they take over he will be impeached, and imprisoned. Which of course is what he deserves.

15 Responses to “Politics News: Cheney’s Cheney, Hilary Mentions Ohio Vote Fraud, Bush Spying on Dems.”

  1. Buck Says:

    If I can quote your homeboy…”We democrats are willing to easedrop on anybody at any place at any time”…

    That is John Kerry…Now I dont remember the exact date but it was on the senate floor I beleive. It was not long ago. Maybe you can check it out for me and get back to me. You like to dig up dirt so why not dig out of both pastures??? Ya know what Im saying??? Buck out!!!

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    Maybe he means AFTER going to the FISA court as the law requires…

  3. (: Tom :) Says:

    That’s funny – Google searches on We democrats are willing to eavesdrop on anybody at any place at any time, We democrats are willing to + on anybody at any place at any time, and Kerry + on anybody at any place at any time come up empty.

    Perhaps you’re a lying sack of kimchee who’s trying to ignore the fact that the Putsch administration is engaging in illegal spying on its’ own citizens?

  4. Buck Says:

    Say what?? There is a place where the sun dont shine. Its near you and it awaits your service. I think your lying about your search! Buck out!!

  5. (: Tom :) Says:

    I think your lying about your search!

    Well, you could just click on the links I provided in my comment, which show the results of each of those searches, Buck. Imstead of keeping your head firmly imbedded in that place where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Nice to see that the Repugnican’t standards are still in place – when faced with an argument that they can’t win, Repugnican’ts make some snarky personal comments about anyone who dares to question their BS, and completely ignore any of the facts.

    Buck off, you treasonous lying Repugnican’t troll.

  6. Buck Says:

    I dont normally quote rush because I think Im better than he is but it was on his radio talk show. John Kerry was trying to defend the dems posistion on national security and went a little of the wall. He said IT for damn sure. Keep digging watermelon!

    Thats some pretty tech computer stuff with the red ink and all! Golly, do you think your
    better than me like most liberals?? Tell me, do you like being a taxacrat?

    All that stuff about you “keeping my head imbedded in that place where the sun dont shine”
    Well, you can wake up now your just blinking stupidly in a gaze at your monitor!!

    Do you really want to dance with me ?? Im a Texas outlaw………..BOY!!!
    Tell Frankenstein to get some more Bowtox…Ha ha ha ha ha ha … Buck out!!!

  7. Buzz Says:

    Why does it matter if it is legal or not?? Those that don’t have anything to hide are not afraid. I wish they would monitor EVERYONES e mail phone calls and anything else they wanted. As long as it was used to put bad people out of business I could care less.

  8. lmz90028 Says:

    Why does it matter if our government acts within the bounds of law?? Very frightening that people are asking that question. If you don’t want a government bound by law perhaps you feel more comfortable in the middle east or Africa.

    Because we don’t live in a monarcy, dictatorship, fascist regime….at least we’re not supposed to.

  9. Buzz Says:

    So your brilliant idea is to make it tougher to catch those breaking the law?? Like I said I am unconcerned because I don’t break it. If listening in on phone calls or emails or whatever else they do puts bad guys in prison then I am all for it.

  10. lmz90028 Says:

    Search warrants don’t make it harder to catch people, they are mechanisms to be sure we are getting the RIGHT people. Isn’t that who we should be focused on? I would imagine the FISA court would have happily granted the vast majority of the requested warrants, so why did Bush circumvent them?

  11. HL Says:

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin.

  12. Buzz Says:

    And what is essential about a phone call or an e mail. It is the governments job to protect us. I just want the job done, I don’t care what vehicle they use to do it.

  13. lmz90028 Says:

    Once the Supreme Court decides the president has this much power, where does it end? Especially with this president we’ve got now who would be happier with no Congress or courts to deal with and the executive gets all the power. You trust THIS guy to draw the line?

  14. Buzz Says:

    LOL trust NO politician, the people who do the actual work now that is another story.

  15. Buck Says:

    Look, I dont like the wire tapps with out court orders that Bush is doing. I dont like the wire tapps that Clinton did without court orders. Bush Sr, Reagan. Ford and Carter all tapped phone line with out court orders and I dont like it. So did Nixon. So did Kennedy, the grandaddy of all illegal wire tappers. All the way back to when phones come out. The only thing different about now is Bush told the press….THAT IS ALL.. got it??? good!!!

    George Washington had to size sumbitches up in his day to.