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Ron Paul Wins NC Straw Poll, Supporters Not Allowed In Texas Straw Poll

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 16th, 2007 9:28 am by HL

Ron Paul Wins Gaston County Straw Poll

Reality Check

Gastonia, NC — No, Gastonia is not a country in Eastern Europe. It’s actually a North Carolina town just west of Charlotte, and tonight they had a county GOP meeting that featured fantastic barbecue at Alfred & Charlie’s BBQ House as well as a presidential straw poll. These results are just in:

John McCain: 2.4%
Rudy Guiliani: 4.9%
Mitt Romney: 7.3%
Newt Gingrich: 7.3%
Mike Huckabee: 9.8%
Fred Thompson: 31.7%
Ron Paul: 36.6%

Given how much time and money the Ron Paul campaign has spent in North Carolina, I’m sure they’ll be pleased.


Reality Check
Here is the problem with Dr. Ron Paul having a good showing in his OWN STATE OF TEXAS. The only people who can vote in the Texas Straw Poll are people who have been delegates in the past!
IN other words, I, a Texas Republican cannnot go to Fort Worth on Sept 1 and vote for Dr. Ron Paul in my own state.
Doesnt everyone see a problem with this?? The straw poll will be attended by hard-core Neo-Con Republicans from past primaries and people who are just now jumping on the political bandwagon for Ron Paul have no opportunity what-so-ever to be involved in the Texas Straw Poll – So *please* do not get upset if CONGRESSMAN Ron Paul does not do well in his own home state of Texas

20 Responses to “Ron Paul Wins NC Straw Poll, Supporters Not Allowed In Texas Straw Poll”

  1. Scott Says:

    Ah, but anybody can be part of a long line of bodies holding Ron Paul signs. If this long line is visible to the Texas straw poll voters, they have to think that nominating Ron Paul would be a good thing.

  2. :-) Says:

    Actually, Ron Paul should still have a good showing from the grass root Republicans since he was active in his career and did distribute his Ron Paul Freedom Press thing to Texans, so if anybody from the olden days is still active in politics, Ron Paul may still have a chance to do even better than his Iowa showing.

  3. hay Says:

    The Wall Street Journal had an article of how Ron Paul supported some $400 million in pork for his area. Oh well, another icon fails the test.

    Listen not to what they are saying, but what they are doing.

  4. James Aragon Says:


    Have you listened to the reasoning behind Ron Paul earmarking for his district?

    1) He voted against the bill in which his earmarks lay. This was a principled vote.

    2) He put in the earmarks because he feels Congress, not executive bureacrats are responsible for discretionary spending. This is a Constitutional vote.

    3) Since the money was already going to bureacrats, he ensured that he as a Congressman directed some money to be spent in a manner to that supports his constituents.

    4) He still voted against the bill. There is such thing as being principled, yet not an idiot.

  5. NH Says:

    SO ignore them. Ron wins in NH where we have honest straw polls. 65% last time and watch for the one on the 18th.

  6. Ron Holland Says:

    As a resident of North Carolina, Ron Paul has quite a lot of support here.

    Ron Paul Is Right About the Federal Reserve – Sign and promote the Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition

    Today in August 2007, the world financial systems and investment markets, real estate and the availability of credit are all under direct assault due to past actions of the Federal Reserve in the United States.

    Read and sign the Ron Paul Is Right – Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at

    Please link to the petition and forward this message to your friends and help the general public wake up during the current financial panic conditions to the problems we face from the Federal Reserve and Ron Paul’s solution.

  7. Flo Says:

    Earmarks are making sure the money comes back to the “people” where it came from. The government has NO MONEY except what they steal from the people.

  8. Republican for America Says:

    I think Ron Paul should run as a libertrian

  9. James Says:

    Quit your crying about Ron Paul and who can and cannot vote at the Straw Poll. If you haven’t been a part of the process in the past, whose to blame but yourself. What no one will says is Ron Paul is not a Republican, he is a Libertarian. He couldn’t get a national audience as a Lib so he is trying to hijack the Republican Party. All Ron Paul kooks do is complain and flood on line polls. Nothing else. Hillary Clinton has a better chance of getting the GOP nomination than this kook. If you want to have a straw poll that anyone can attend, CREATE ONE AND STOP BITCHING. I am so SICK AND TIRED of these Cocoa Puffs. GROW UP!

  10. JCM0165 Says:

    Shrill, James, shrill. I smell fear.

  11. Ben Says:

    I thought James sounded shrill and fearful, too. as far as “if you haven’t been a part of the process in the past…”, the Texas straw poll requires not that you have simply voted in a primary or are registered as a Republican, but that you have proven party-machine allegiance by participating as a delegate. Maybe we should just allow state Senators and Representatives to vote for us, since they are more educated in political matters and can protect us from voting for our silly 2nd tier candidates. Why have a vote if the public is excluded? I guess this question answers itself.

  12. James Bowery Says:

    Funny how the neocons didn’t go off and form their own party but instead destroyed the foundational principles of the Republican party thereby driving off real Republicans, starting a nonsensical war for Israel’s Likud party, opening the borders to the world, providing them an excuse for cracking down on the citizens of the US under the guise of “homeland security” and making excuses for all the damage they’ve done to the middle class — and now demand that the real Republicans go create their own party.

  13. Lex Says:

    Okay, so here’s your logic — Ron Paul supported earmarks for taxpayers in his district, so vote for someone else who is much worse on spending, and much worse on taxes, over someone who has never voted for a tax increase in his ten terms in Congress? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  14. Jamie Kelso Says:

    Gee, James, you sound just like your Neocon buddies Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Laura Ingraham. Sorry, James….it’s not Ron Paul or us in the Ron Paul Revolution who are trying to hijack the Republican Party. It’s guys like you and your Neocon buddies who hijacked the peace and limited government party of traditional Republicans like Ron Paul and his supporters. You are the non-Republicans. You are the goons who have saddled future generations of Americans with 2 trillion dollars in war debt for you Neocon war based on KNOWINGLY FALSE pretexts. Getting 4,000 American soldiers killed and a hundred thousand wounded based on knowingly false lies is high treason.

  15. James Says:

    Neo-con buddies? Sounds like your Ron Paul Kook Buddies have come out of the woodwork again. Let’s take another look at things, Cocoa Puff People. Texas is not a state that requires you declare your party. Meaning anyone can vote in a Republican or Democrat primary. The only way to really know if you are a Republican is did you attend a State Convention. Oh, news flash – ITS THE REPUBLICAN STRAW POLL. 95% of Ron Paul’s support IS NOT FROM REPUBLICANS. Think if the Democrats had a Straw Poll, they’d want me there >>> NO! This is precisely why you are a band of Kooks. Go have your own straw poll, call it the Cocoa Puff Poll and invite all the people you want. Did you realize you are posting on a site whose author says “The Hollywood Liberal is an anti-war, anti-republcan” site. GEEZ, It’s not hard for the average person to know YOU GUYS AREN’T REPUBLICANS! Again, quit your bitchin’ and have a your own damn straw poll.

  16. Chad Says:

    Hmmm, well I don’t know a lot about the Texas straw poll, but I’d LOVE to see Ron Paul get a solid 10 or 15% from established delegates instead of from new voters. That way he can say he has a good chunk of old support and can offer to bring so much more into the party fold. That should be very attractive to republicans, considering the Republican Party is almost nonexistent this year.


  17. Rich Says:

    What’s sad is how much attention these polls get — at least when a “mainstream” aka industry supported candidate wins. These are silly motions to go through and take away from the democratic process. Why? People vote, quite often, for the person they think will win, or the person who has the loudest voice. In psychological research it has been shown that people will listen to the loudest, most repetitive voice in a room. Ok, so let’s have “polls” that “show” who we want to win, then advertise them as “news.” That’s what this is, it’s a farce, and it attracts the dumber than toast voter. It is true, everyone gets a vote… but to make such a show, the sheep do flock…
    sadly, democracy always fails. I do hope Dr Paul would be elected: we could use a return to a republic.

  18. Dave Says:

    Allowing only delegates to vote at the Texas Straw Poll has room to be viewed with optimism. If Ron Paul does well, there is no way to attribute a top showing to bloggers and spammers. It will show RP has the support of the entrenched Republican loyalists – at least in Texas.

    Visit my site for a breakdown of all the facts and more regarding the Texas Straw Poll.

  19. Joe Says:

    Don’t Mess With Texas — Its great to see all the Northeastern candidates chicken out. They could not win in Texas and they know it. Then there is Fred “where’s my head” Thompson, he knows his support is growing weaker and weaker by the day. He made a bad mistake by not getting in sooner. The game play, so they think, is to come in last minute like a white knight, but his name has actually been out there in the spotlight for so long, its tarnished.

    Huckabee and Brownback have no support, they put all their eggs in the Iowa basket and now its over. Noone else matters. Ron Paul was going to win Texas, they did their internal polling and they new they were done.

    Ron Paul 2008

  20. Rick Says:

    I was at the Straw Poll. Of course by not allowing the general public to vote they were able to level the field for other candidates. There were only Ron Paul supporters there. But the best part was the fact that they prohibited Ron Paul supporters from voting. The GOP put on the tickets to be there at 10am for registration, a whole bus load of Paul supporters come at 10 and they say registration closes at 10. Of course supporters from other candidates were let in. And our governor Rick Perry told the delegates that there were no candidates on the ballot from Texas. The whole thing was a sham. The delegates being refused entry is on youtube as well.