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Papers Please: Chertoff: Real ID or Passport for Domestic Flights, National Parks

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 16th, 2007 5:05 pm by HL

Half the states are fighting the Real ID act, but of course Bush and his buddies won’t rest until they get what they want. At what point do people finally start to fight back. When we are all in concentration camps? Canada is looking better and better everyday.

Federal ID plan raises privacy concerns

He’s just looking out for your safety
ChertoffExcerpt(CNN) — Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year if they live in one of the states defying the federal Real ID Act. The act, signed in 2005 as part of an emergency military spending and tsunami relief bill, aims to weave driver’s licenses and state ID cards into a sort of national identification system by May 2008. The law sets baseline criteria for how driver’s licenses will be issued and what information they must contain.

The Department of Homeland Security insists Real ID is an essential weapon in the war on terror, but privacy and civil liberties watchdogs are calling the initiative an overly intrusive measure that smacks of Big Brother.

More than half the nation’s state legislatures have passed symbolic legislation denouncing the plan, and some have penned bills expressly forbidding compliance.

Several states have begun making arrangements for the new requirements — four have passed legislation applauding the measure — but even they may have trouble meeting the act’s deadline.

The cards would be mandatory for all “federal purposes,” which include boarding an airplane or walking into a federal building, nuclear facility or national park, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told the National Conference of State Legislatures last week. Citizens in states that don’t comply with the new rules will have to use passports for federal purposes.

9 Responses to “Papers Please: Chertoff: Real ID or Passport for Domestic Flights, National Parks”

  1. (: Tom :) Says:

    Make sure we tattoo everyone’s diocese on the backs of their necks while we’re at it…

  2. Ghost Walker Says:

    yep we are on our way to being just like Russia. A goverment that don’t trust it’s own people. oh boy can i see a sh$%t storm on the way

  3. Ghost Walker Says:

    One more thing i forgot my CDL is federaly regulated so why not take it futher and include every one. There will come a time when this is world wide. just mark my words

  4. Republican for America Says:

    This Republican is not a fan of Chertoff.

  5. Chris Parker Says:

    I think Real ID is unconstitutional because:

    It infringes on the 10th amendment’s right of the states to exclusive use of powers not delegated to the federal government (i.e. which includes driver licensing). Although the law purports to make Real ID compliance optional for the states by providing the alternative of no federal acceptance if the state doesn’t comply, more close reading reveals that state compliance is considered mandatory by this federal law and “non-acceptance for federal official purposes” is imposed as a penalty on the state’s residents if the state does not comply. Under this scenario, I think the law exceeds the federal government’s constitutional authority.

  6. Zack Says:

    You guys are crazy to allow the government to do that to you. I absolutely think it’s rediculous and then to need your ID to get into a federal building, national park, etc is ludacris.

    And to Ghost Walker – to respond to your comment that this will happen worldwide is absolutely retarded. Canadians are not going to accept this and we will never adopt this legislation, not in a million years. Next election Steven Harper is gone – he’s like George Bush’s cousin. He is screwing up this country with Bush ideologies

  7. Ghost Walker Says:

    Zack i would like to think my coment is retarded but if you look back in world history you will see the trend and than can plainly see what will happen

  8. Endgame Says:

    “I think Real ID is unconstitutional because:
    It infringes on the 10th amendment’s right of the states to exclusive use of powers not delegated to the federal government (i.e. which includes driver licensing).”
    I think this is what the Feds are gambling on…..enough states refusing to comply and then it will turn into a Federal RealID that the feds will pay for and make everyone get. Don’t strip freedoms too quickly and only small bits at a time.
    Too many cry-babies and sheeple and not enough founding father types.If you want change march to Lexington Green and fire the next shot heard around the world.Or you can just sit here and keep your eyes glued to the Dead Iraqi’s counter.

  9. crescentdave Says:

    I realize the passport will be costly, but it’s a superior alternative in that the DOB & SS are not tied together. ID theft will be ridiculously easy with the Real ID. The RFID embedded in the passport can be easily defeated in a number of ways. It’s long past time to tell the bush government to fuck off.