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Macacca Supporter Loses State Senate Seat in Virginia

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on June 13th, 2007 9:07 am by HL

Voters oust “Macaca” endorser

Daily Kos
The Virginia netroots is partying hard today, as their top 2007 project — ousting State Senator Benjamin Lambert — was succcessfully completed last night.

Trial lawyer A. Donald McEachin upset 30-year veteran state Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert III yesterday in a Democratic primary in the Richmond area.
Lambert was supposedly a Democrat, yet he shocked the Virginia political establishment last October with this:

A senior Democratic state lawmaker endorsed Republican Sen. George Allen’s bid for reelection Tuesday, after having earlier criticized Democrat James Webb’s position on affirmative action.

State Sen. Benjamin J. Lambert III (Richmond), who is black, praised Allen in a letter on his senate stationery released yesterday by the Allen campaign.

HLs Take
Another Republican in Dem Clothing bites the dust, as it should be. There will be a lot of that going on in the near future, Republicans, and republicans pretending to be Democrats will be joing the ranks of the unemployed. Lambert, who is black was a supporter of Allen, a Republican, despite the Macacca comments. What a total whore.

One Response to “Macacca Supporter Loses State Senate Seat in Virginia”

  1. HL conspiracy Says:

    Republicans and democrats pretending to be politicians

    pretending to help america and pretending to help it’s people.

    It’s so funny that people actually believe one side is better than the other.

    Open your eyes america

    vote both corporations out of office