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Michael Moore Interviewed by Bill Maher for Sicko

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on June 8th, 2007 7:00 am by HL

3 Responses to “Michael Moore Interviewed by Bill Maher for Sicko”

  1. Hunter S Montague Says:

    Michael Moore is a self centerted lying elitist. His movies contain many cut and paste editing. He hates capitalism but enjoys a a life of decadence and over indulgence. He is a traitor

  2. H.L. Says:

    Well Idiot, if you would have looked at the interview, Republicans are getting behind this movie as well. So obviously you are another of the paid shills that come on this site and disagree with everything. Get a life loser, and oh yeah if you want to post on this site, drop the name calling asshole.

  3. Hunter S Montague Says:

    Fake republicans like McCain Spector Graham and the rest of the RINO’s I do not want my taxes to support a failed system like socialized medicine. It doesnt work. You hollywood elitists are nothing but neo communists who practice do as I say, not as I do