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But what about all the good stuff going on over there?

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 11th, 2006 10:09 am by HL

Heres a blog post from an NBC reporter in Baghdad.



Some readers and viewers think we journalists are exaggerating about the situation in Iraq. I can almost understand that because who would want to believe that things are this bad? Particularly when so many people here started out with such good intentions.

I’m more puzzled by comments that the violence isn’t any worse than any American city. Really? In which American city do 60 bullet-riddled bodies turn up on a given day? In which city do the headless bodies of ordinary citizens turn up every single day? In which city would it not be news if neighborhood school children were blown up? In which neighborhood would you look the other way if gunmen came into restaurants and shot dead the customers?

H.L.s Take:
Is that what Hillbilly Heroin, and Falafel Boy are saying now??? That Iraq is as safe as a big American City…. I think not.

Murder rates in Washington DC and Baghdad

This is for last year, and it has just gotten worse.

Source: FBI’s Crime in the United States

4 Responses to “But what about all the good stuff going on over there?”

  1. Bill Says:

    Ok HL you tell me who is doing the most killing and where is most of it being done. Could it be the Insurgents that are killing their own people that htey are fighting for? Could most of the killings be in Baghdad? Bet you find that the answer to both those questions is yes. So why don’t you tell me just how much the Insurgents really care about their own people if they are killing them.
    Read this and see just who is doing the attacks. According to this report it is the Al Qaeda that is do the attacks. I thought there weren’t any al qaeda in Iraq isn’t that what you keep saying. We went to Iraq for nothing. Guess that was wrong to.
    Here’s another one that Insurgents killed civilians.
    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9659209/ and another http://www.deccanherald.com/deccanherald/apr202005/foreign177182005419.asp
    ya know you can find these all over the internet and they all say the same thing. The Insurgents are the ones killing their own people. As for the US soldiers killing civilians all I could find was 2 sites that had to do with the rape of a girl and the death of 24 Iraqi’s. I hope that he soldiers that did the raping and killed those 24 innocents get a firing squad for what they did. But you can say that the civilians over there that are not in with the Insurgents don’t want us there. That is the same song and dance that they sang in Vietnam and every soldier that was over there would tell you different. You can show me webs sites tat say they want us out and guess what. Here’s one that says they want us there.http://feeds.bignewsnetwork.com/?sid=30d20258d16b962e
    In fact you want to quote polls that say the Iraqi people say they want us out than read this.
    In short it says that it is extremely hard to get polls that are right because of the way they ask the questions.

  2. HL Says:

    I know you have been reading this site long enough to know that there is a civil war going on over there, so of course they are killing each other thats what happens in a civil war. Why is there a civil war, becuase of the war that we started over there. It was predicted that the whole thing would come down to that long before we invaded them.

  3. LA Says:

    Bill: Your news sources don’t cut it. They lie because they’re under the spell. Take a real look and do you want to see who is behind the death squads in Iraq and Afghanistan:



  4. Bill Says:

    LA you know what I find funny is out of all the news sources for this marine ambush you found the only 1 that says that all the rest say different. And you found the only news source for who is actually leading the death squads that says that. All the rest that I found say that they are the police force of the Iraqi government. So lets see one sorce for both storys and the rest of the media and news is saying different, interesting. As for the marines that could be people just being human and screwing up. How many mines are still in the ground in vietnam and korea. They still from time to time find mines in the ocean from WWII. It’s sad if someone did miss it but all the news sources I found on the net say it was not a trip wire but something along the lines of a pressure plate. In other words a land mine or bouncing betty or something like that and they can be missed.