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Army Introducing New Slogan

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 11th, 2006 9:45 am by HL

Those PR Whiz’s in the marketing department at the Pentagon are finally replacing that “Army of One” slogan, before it really is an “Army of One”

Army Introducing New Slogan

WCVB-TV Boston
WASHINGTON — In its battle to win the hearts and minds of recruiting-age Americans, the Army is replacing its main ad slogan — “An Army of One” — with one it hopes will pack more punch: “Army Strong.”

The new approach, the fruit of a $200 million-a-year contract with a major advertising agency, was announced Monday by Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey. He said “Army Strong” will be the centerpiece of a multimedia ad campaign to be launched Nov. 9, timed to coincide with Veterans Day weekend

H.L.s Take
Army Strong?, Army Strong??? Thats what they came up with for $200 Million. Who wrote that one? Bush?? What does he think he is Tarzan? oooh oooh oooh Army Strong…oooh oooh oooh, You weak, Army Strong. Don’t forget thats our Tax money they are wasting.

4 Responses to “Army Introducing New Slogan”

  1. Bill Says:

    Well h*ll this new slogan isn’t any better than the last one. Anyone who has ever been in the military knows that an Army of One is nothing but Crap. There isn’t any part of the Army that is just one. So you expect the new slogan to be any better. And if Bush thought this one up than we could say the Clinton thought the Army of one up wich is just as bad.

  2. Buzz Says:

    Just for reference the O N E stood for

    O Officers

    N Non coms

    E Enlisted

  3. HL Says:

    I hadn’t heard the Army of One slogan until the Iraq war started, I could be wrong about that. If I am I’m sure you will let me know.

  4. RTO Trainer Says:

    Drop by my place and watch the video. Then you might understand. It’s not an exclamation. It’s a descriptive.

    And this currently deployed Soldier never had a problem with Army of One.