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Jim Webb Has Maccaca Allen On The Ropes In Virginia

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 18th, 2006 10:29 am by HL

Macacca Boy George Allen is on the run in Virginia. He is yet another example of Chickenhawk republcians who are running against combat veteran Democrats. Which one do you suppose the people are going to believe come election day. Only Diebold can save them now.

A Democrat Rises in Virginia

New York Times
In one of the sharpest exchanges of the campaign, Mr. Webb and Mr. Allen squared off on the war in Iraq on “Meet the Press” on NBC on Sunday, with Mr. Allen defending the Bush administration’s policy and denouncing the “second-guessing and Monday-morning quarterbacking” of the critics. “We’re going to need to do what it takes to succeed,” Mr. Allen said, when asked if he would support additional troops in Iraq, “because it’s essential to the security of the United States of America.”

Mr. Webb responded: “I know what it’s like to be on the ground. I know what it’s like to fight a war like this, and either — there are limits to what the military can do. Eventually, this is going to have to move into a diplomatic environment, and that’s where this administration seems to have blinders. They are not talking to Syria, they are not talking to Iran, and there are ways that we can do this, move this forward.”

Mr. Webb also took several digs at what he called theorists in the administration and among its allies who know combat only in the abstract. Mr. Allen, like the majority of the current Congress, did not serve in the military.

H.L.s Take
At the Bartcop Pokerfest, and Tequila Party I attended this weekend many of the people who attended lived in Red state rural areas, I heard from one party guest that people down there (Even republicans) are pissed off. Everyone knows that this country is in the toilet, and Republicans will pay the price (except the ones protected by Diebold) this November. Of course most republican voters will admit they were wrong by staying home from the polls rather then voting for a Democrat. Change comes slowly. Of course most won’t admit they were wrong, but we know they were, and they know they were.

4 Responses to “Jim Webb Has Maccaca Allen On The Ropes In Virginia”

  1. truthseeker Says:

    I dare any Republican to admit that it’s always been fear, and not hope, upon which their vote is always cast.

  2. HL Says:

    You got that right truthseeker,

  3. Buck Says:

    Not in my corner. My vote is cast on anger. That is what got me to voting in the first place. Ever vote I have cast has never been about fear. Ever single time its anger at the democrats. Anger at antiwar protesters. Anger at goverment actioneers. Anger at lazy good for nothings that set and draw welfare. All the ones I know vote democrat. So, the democrats will NOT get my vote. I dont have time for fear. I got to spend too much time being knowledgable about the world. Knowing that democrats need special-ed classes in national security is nothing to fear. It is some thing to know. Knowing is not fearing. Knowing guides my vote. Fearing is what the democrats do on election day. They fear the knowers. The democrats are upset because they can not create the un-known. The more things unknown, the more ambiguity, the less light on their radiating stink! I dare some democrat to admit that anger is what keeps them down. Not fear. Rightous anger directed purposefully at them crats’………Buck out…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What is a maccaca?