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Unitary Executives

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on June 24th, 2006 2:24 pm by HL

Bush, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam

Saw this on Evil GOP Bastards Check them out.

9 Responses to “Unitary Executives”

  1. Buck Says:

    Crap???Communists for Kerry is real. Are you saying Im lying???Just type in COMMUNISTS FOR KERRY and you will see. They got Stalin and Lenin and Castro And Kerry Up and down the damn screen. So ..If it walks like a skunk, and humps like a skunk and smells like a skunk…Ya know…LA it might just be a skunk!!…Buck out…

    7:05 AM

  2. LA Says:

    What lefties? You spewing crap again Buck? Now use your brain.


    11:07 PM

  3. Buck Says:

    Damn…with all the pictures of the ever lovein\’ lefties I thought I had mistakenly logged on to the Communist for Kerry websight. But to think of it. Im really not that far away now am I???? ..Buck out….

    9:40 PM

  4. Anonymous Says:


    You are truly a fool! Don’t you realize that website is a joke? That’s no different than had I set up a website that says: “Dubya and Idi Amin Arms Exchange.” It doesn’t take much to create a website that purposely slanders someone. So, if you believe that site to be true, enjoy the fantasy.


  5. Buck Says:

    Joke or no. You have to wonder why some one would do that unless that they thought it would stick. Todays commies in America dont really field a prez candidate. Why?? They have enough representation through the modern democratic presidential candidate. Do I have any immediate quotes? No ..But Ill just bet you a rave party if you e-mail some of those turds they will say “Yeah we like Kerry ” and the democratic party. It comes from the similiar economic ideas. The gun control ideas. The money control ideas. Yall bring that on yalls self. More independants vote democratic than republican. The republicans still win however. Why?? The conservative base is substantialy larger than the liberal base that is why. Why is the conservative base bigger?? It has a bigger tent. Conservative today means more things to a wider group of people than the scope that liberalism can cover. Conservatives argue amoungst themselves more wich is proof positive. It would not take much to swing the pendalum. There are just to many wishfull thinkers and hard heads that want to keep a small liberal base is all. Knowbody is deamonizing yall but yourselfs. Now….Tell me Im wrong!!!!..Buck out….

  6. LA Says:

    You’re wrong Buck. Communism has become an extinct economic and political model. I think you put too much creedence on it as an attractive social, political and economic model in the West.

    As far as Kerry goes, most reasonable Dems don’t care for him. Maybe the media does, but you’ve got to create the illusion of opposition in our two party system. Kerry is a sell out and spineless.

    Gun control is not necessarily a Liberal issue. Most Liberals I know are gun owners and reject gun control.

    As far as money, the Federal Reserve, New York and London bankers control the money. If you look at the leadership at that level, you’re looking at Bush supporters and appointees in general.

    It’s interesting that you argue that Conservatives argue amongst themselves. I haven’t seen that discourse. Again, the majority of conservatives that I know belong the the Federalist Society and are the most passive political sheep I’ve met. They don’t argue about much.

    The reason Repubs are in control and may remain in control is through fear mongering, e.g. “war on terror.” Since the majority of the populace is not highly educated and watches TV for their knowledge of the world, it’s no surprise that fear works in maintaining control and the illusion that “big brother” is taking care of you. It goes so far that your telephone conversatios are not monitored by the NSA and other government agencies. Is this your idea of Democracy and Freedom?

    If there are “commies” around, they’re in the White House. They’re the Straussians of the world that want to control the people with continuous lies and keep us in perpetual war against the world. It serves their ambitions of personal financial gain, control over “We the People,” and the selling off of our resources to the highest bidder in the world; with no loyalty to this country–only to their pocketbook.

    I’m an independent thinker and I don’t follow any party line bullshit. I haven’t met a conservative yet who has it right.


  7. LA Says:


    The reason Repubs are in control and may remain in control is through fear mongering, e.g. “war on terror.” Since the majority of the populace is not highly educated and watches TV for their knowledge of the world, it’s no surprise that fear works in maintaining control and the illusion that “big brother” is taking care of you. It goes so far that your telephone CONVERSATIONS are NOW monitored by the NSA and other government agencies. Is this your idea of Democracy and Freedom?

  8. Buck Says:

    What makes you think communism is an extinct economic and political model? Example: China and Iran. Both have no private gun ownership. With that they can enforce the orther fasits of comminism. Economic and so forth. Is communism a full blown model in the west? No..its not. Its not model at ALL. But Jack planted some beans and up grew a bean stalk. Screw that! It all starts with the first domino then rat a tat tat it goes when she stops well knowbody knows. It begins with BECAUSE taxes. ” Those rich can afford higher taxes than everone else BECAUSE they got the money.” Then comes regulating guns. Then on and on and on. Are dems and libs commies??? Well maby the hell not. But if you keep flirting and showing a desire to expiriment with certain fasisits of the ideology, what the hell are we to expect???

    I guess it depends on what part of the country your from. Liberal used to be cool back in the day. Way Way Way back in the day!!! Before its metamorphis. Around here L-dog liberal is everthing that is federalist. Government tell me to care. Government wants my gun. Goverment trying to get my hot rod off the road. Goverment trying to tell me I cant cut down trees. ..Any way you slice it you libs want goverment action…Well…FYI…..Your government action is MY goverment interferance….BACK OFF!!!!! If you please!!! Now if can vote for a prez that dont think so STUPIDLY….Dont you think that I and orthers are gonna do damn well just that??? Nothing you can say makes the dem candidate the lesser of two evils. They just go to bad of a communist tendency stero type…..

    Now lets talk boogy men. Fear…. Lets talk fear. You mean to tell me that when the redcoats came over in the revolution there was nothing to fear. Adolf Hitler was all a bunch of Hype and there was nothing to fear. When Pearl got ripped it was the OVER BLOWN BOOGY MAN HYPE. Right??????? Our wars with our enemies have been mass goverment coverup conspiracys!! Huhhhhhhhhhhhhh????????? When my grandpa got shot at by German soldiers those were not really German soldiers??? Do you think we paid Iran to try and Nuke Israel and verbaly threaten them. ???? Boogy man and the FEAR machine as your trying to make it out to be…well…….it just aint so. They exsist by their own makeing, by their own design with their own desires irrespective of what we are gonna do!!! Not spending on the military here makes Americas enemies feel like a kid in a candy store!! Buck out….

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