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Bush Meets The Vienna Boy’s Choir

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on June 22nd, 2006 3:44 pm by HL

This is a 6 part comic
Bush and Laura in Vienna

See the Rest of The Strip Here

3 Responses to “Bush Meets The Vienna Boy’s Choir”

  1. HL Says:

    “Bush Meets The Vienna Boys Choir”
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    Anonymous said…
    Yeah Bush, you blow my mind! You set up 9/11 to show your kind!!! You stole the election from Al Gore with the help of your governor Bro and Harris, then you decided to go for broke and strike Iraq!!!! $9 million missing from the Pentagon, we all know what that is about!!!! The fourteen permanent Military Bases you built in Iraq after claiming they had WMD! What a crock! Hey Bush!! UP YOURS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4:54 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Hey! H.L. Ill bet Nascar dont use goodyear tires! Ill bet wipcream aint white. Ill bet chickens dont lay eggs. Ill bet SH*t dont stink!! Whats all that??? Well thats like saying there is no WMDS in Iraq. 500 shells filled with sarin and musterd gas have been uncovered! It took ten to kill the kurds! OK grade schoolers…All together class…what are those??? Why… it? Yes it is!!! slowly for the libs to understand. WMDS…WMDS…WMDS…WMDS…WMDS…WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Get out your pen and paper. Now class…write Bush was right on wmds 100 times for todays lesson. Tomorrow class we will study the word crow. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!! Why??? Seems to me alot of war critics are NOW eating pig style at an ALL YOU CAN EAT CROW BUFFET?? But that is Ok H.L. You cant win them all. Or in alot of liberals case win very many of them. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Hey Al Gore!!! Looking real FAT these days. I hope your still depressed!! and ….up yours!!! Buck out!!!

    5:24 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Um Buck, you do realize that those WMDs they suddenly “found”…well I hate to break the news…the administration has known about them for several years and had already written them off as inconsequential. Good ol’ Santorum dredged them up to give a little pick-me-up to the few who still want to believe this war was worth it!

    5:44 PM

    Anonymous said…
    And so your land of OZ conclusion is that those are NOT wmds……There is some ambiguity in the air!!!Hey dont stop at that stop sign because it aint really red!!!!You cant go from saying there aint no WMDS to not enough WMDS. Then say that they are old WMDS. What the hell is next??? The wrong kind of WMDS?? Im mean GO**AM ALREADY!! Yall lost. Yall have been proven WRONG! Add another one to the loss column! I am watching your liberal positions evolve and change like the daily winds. It is most entertaining! Im watching the frustration wrinkles setting in to stay on libs like Russ Feingold and Ted Kennedy. They are looking beatin’ and old. There is plenty of Crow….CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP…get yalls fill…Buck out!!!

    6:38 PM

    EarlPaige said…
    Humor??? It reads like some angy 7th graders wrote it.

    7:15 PM

    Anonymous said…

    Bravo! You are the best and we know it. Keep up the great humor because we sure need it in a time where the Bushits keep pushing more “bovine excrement” and lies and lies. And some stupid idiots believe their crap regardless of all evidence that disclaims the Bushits lies.


    8:48 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I wish the cartoonists and hollywood people would put more emphasis on what this war is really about, which is making money. All the soldiers and all the civilians, dying for oil profits and defense contract money.

    8:53 AM

    Anonymous said…
    Evidence?? Yeah!! Like 500 shells of chemichal weapons. Bill Clinton thought he was ALL THAT! But I say he was real dumb. The dumbest sumbitch god ever abused the earth with. How dumb?? Lets see…Dumb enough to loose his nuclear button code card. Dumb enough to loose nuclear tech info from Los Alamos to the Chinese. Dumb enough to make an agreement with North Korea on nuclear reactors. Dumb enough to veto missile defense deployment. Dumb enough to get wrapped up in a sexual harrassment scandal. Dumb enough to wave his finger in all of our faces and LIE LIKE A BIG DOG. Dumb enough to think the word IS has multiple defenitions. Dumb enough to spread his fermenting beliefs to the apparent blind. Dumb enough to believe…as they do that there are no wmds in Iraq. Even after finding wmds they say no wmds. Libs are caught in a time demension. Floating in and out of what must be called a stargate. I used to firmly think we would win this war. The only thing that ever conjurs a doubt is you libs. If we ever loose …..Im gonna blame YALL…BIG TIME!!!!!! Buck out….

    6:03 PM

    LMZ90028 said…
    The Defense Dept’s own response to the “new weapons”:

    “This does not reflect a capacity that was built up after 1991,” the official said, adding the munitions “are not the WMDs this country and the rest of the world believed Iraq had, and not the WMDs for which this country went to war.”

    Even Fox News pointed this out…although of course buried this at the end of its report on Santorum.

    12:11 PM

    Anonymous said…
    So ….you choose the wrong kind of wmds arguement. Im going to have an absolutist approach. One or the orther. Black or white. Left or right. He had them or he did not. Turns out…..He had them. One shell or 500 or 5000. It makes notta’ to me.
    We are in a global war on terror. Terrorism as we know it today is the radical muslum worlds responce to the U.S. and Israel’s military superiority. Hamass, Hezbolla and Al qaida. Who are the sponsers? Well..Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria and the Palestenians. Iraq and Afghanistan used to be a sanctuary of training without fear of US attack……Not any more….Buck out…..

    3:50 PM

    H.L. said…
    Whatever dude, If that what it takes you to feel good about being wrong, then have at it.

    6:30 PM

    Anonymous said…
    Some people just dont’ get it. That’s means you Buck. But that’s okay because it just shows how ignorant some people are, including you.

    Now Buck, didn’t you say that you “live” history, politics and current affairs? If so, then why are you so deficient?

    I communicate with conservatives almost everyday. They all show some capacity to think. What happened to you?

    You repeat the same old stories that were discredited years ago. You mention evidence? Can you at least point out some intellectual research that backs up your claims.

    On another point, have you any knowledge of the USS Liberty, the King David Hotel, Lebanon and the attrocities in the Middle East and who perpetrated them. It wasn’t Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Egyptians, Iraqis or “booga booga” Bin Laden.

    DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO IT WAS? WHO IS THE BIGGEST STATE TERRORIST IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS? WHO MAKES MONEY FROM THE WHOLE THING? Do you want answers? Do you need some education? Come on, let’s hear you.

    Do you want to talk about history. Let’s go at it. Tell me what you know.


    11:35 PM

    Anonymous said…
    By all means! You bet your ass!
    Can you come up with something harder? Yeah, the US sufferd 40 or so friendly fire deaths in the 1967 ass kicking extravaganza of islamic terrorist states of the middle east!!It was a horrible mistake by our GREAT ally the Israelis.
    The Hotel David business Im not so sure of but I dont condone the killing of BRITISH. Im not so sure of the facts. However one mishap does not a TERRORIST state make. Countless acts indeed do! Thats all that matters on that!
    HISTORY shows that Israel with US tech help gave the palestinians, Jordon, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt an absolute defeat! Iran is flirting with that same destiny! The US is gonna help them get there.
    LA here is one for you? What nation held 50 American hostages for over 400 days??Since your as slow as I think you are Ill help you out. Their SANDGUM leader has called for Israel to be wiped off the map and called for muslums to kill Americans everywhere! Come on now!!!….THINK…THINK….THINK…Will it take till hell freezes over for my answer??? Buck out???

    9:10 AM

    Anonymous said…
    OH yeah!! And who is making money on all this. Well that would be defense contractors in the U.S. of A!! It makes perfect economic sense. Israel kills terrorists on a daily basis. Idiots are continuously wanting to stupidly die in the name of Jihad. This depletes Israel’s munition resourses. They re-up from us HA HA HA HA HA . Defense contractors hire thousands of workers here in the US. Like some friends of mine working close by in Lufkin Texas. They work on parts of the patriot missile. Lots of inferior radical muslim idiots that want to fry is sure generating alot of dough thats for sure. We should send them a Hallmark card before we smokem’ ……APPRECIATE THE BUSINESS!!!!!!!! Buck out

    10:21 AM

  2. LA Says:

    You’ve said nothing new on your posts. Your commentary is generally what is said on Fox. If you want to argue about history, you’ve got to learn and stick with the facts. Your knowledge of Iranian history is nil. You haven’t considered the history of the country and the factual US-Iran relations post WWII.

    The only thing you keep repeating is that Arabs, Lebanese, Palestinians and Iranians are “Terrorists” and you’re starting to sound like a Zionist puppet. Get your ducks in a row and stop your dribble.


  3. Buck Says:

    I will leave the quacking to you! And Im not a jew at all. I know all about Iran and their weak history. I know the US had a stake in Iran up until the Freaks took it over! I know all about the shaw of Iran and all that sh*t! Ahamadinijad is a punk ass bitch. His mama is a whore. Am I a puppet? No ! Does the US protect Israel? Absofu*kingloutly!!! Truth of the matter is that the camel orgys that go on in sandville wont save the day for them. I send e-mail fu*kyou letters to Al-jeezera every day. So LA ?? How long untill the US turns that place into land of the Persian pussy mullahs!! Now have you herd that on fox?????