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Archive for October 23rd, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call….Terrorist Busters

Posted in H.L. News, Pictures on October 23rd, 2007 10:05 am by HL

Think Progress.com
Have you seen the CIA’s new Terrorist Busters Logo? heh heh, its a takeoff of the old Ghostbusters Logo, the ghost with a circle around him with a line going through it. As usual the Bush administration, rather then actually doing anything about terrorists. (Because they only want to LOOK like they are doing something) are resorting to BS sloganeering, and empty talk. Look how stupid the people are. We will put out a cartoon drawing logo, and they will look at it and say oooh thats cool, we are such a bunch of bad asses. That must be the way these idiots think. Anyway I have modified it a little to show the first person the Terrorist Busters should be going after.

Who ya gonna call...terrorist busters

I love some of the comments from the readers on Think Progress, here are some of the best

1. How Old are these people
2. Gates: Tell them about the twinkie
Bush: What about the twinkie
3. Looks like a Mexican Wrestler
4. I’d have more trust in ghostbusters.
5. It probably took eight months and 4.5 million dollars to get that.
6. Is this going to be stamped on all the bombs we drop? Maybe on the side of Drones? How about all the top secret documents? Did we pay for this? How silly.
7. That’d look great on a lunchbox
8. I can’t wait to see this on some uniforms.
9. Ever notice that they wait until the Daily Show is in reruns before trotting out these gems?
10. Cheney:I am the Keymaster. Bush: I am the Gatekeeper.
11. Is that Erik Prince? The little feller looks like he just got dunked in black water. Or oil…
12. ha!!! – too funny – all this says to me is “hey look!! – here is one of the 200,000 ak47’s that bush lost!!”