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Terroist Activity Greatly Exaggerated By Justice Department.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 21st, 2007 7:05 am by HL

Audit: Anti-terror case data flawed

WASHINGTON – Federal prosecutors counted immigration violations, marriage fraud and drug trafficking among anti-terror cases in the four years after 9/11 even though no evidence linked them to terror activity, a Justice Department audit said Tuesday.

Overall, nearly all of the terrorism-related statistics on investigations, referrals and cases examined by department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine were either diminished or inflated…..

The errors led Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., to question whether the department had exaggerated the number of terror cases.

“If the Department of Justice can’t even get their own books in order, how are we supposed to have any confidence they are doing the job they should be?” said Schumer, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees the department. “Whether this is just an accounting error or an attempt to pad terror prosecution statistics for some other reason, the Department of Justice of all places should be classifying cases for what they are, not what they want us to think them to be.
H.L.s Take
No suprise here, of course the terror stats have to be amped up to keep the people in fear of another attack so they can continue to have the government shove its nose deeper and deeper up every citizens ass, with more surveillance, more cops, more security, more snooping into our private affairs. They can also justify keeping the unending war going on so we can beat a boogeyman that does not exist.

On a side note: I live right next to the Kodak theatre in Hollywood where the Oscars will be held in 5 days. The theatre is located inside a mall, and even though its still almost a week away there is so much security around you would think we were in the middle of the green zone. They are stopping every car that comes in and searching their trunks, they have those long sticks with mirrors attached to the end of that they use to check under every car, like you see when you are crossing the border back into the US. They have half the street blocked off so you can’t get around the line of cars waithing to be inspected, even if you are not going into the mall. They have Hollywood Bd. closed down so traffic is snarled in every driection, and this has been going on for many days already. Not to mention LAPD everywhere with sirens blasting and helicopters hovering overhead at the drop of a hat. All because they are “afraid” that some “terrorist” is going to bomb the Oscars. What a joke. Of course they have to keep up the charade so that all these people can justify thier jobs, while the people in the neighborhood have to put up with all this BS.

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