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You Say You Want a Resolution…?

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 13th, 2007 1:13 pm by HL

News Items:
House members joust over Iraq war policy


This is an 12 Part Comic

Congress holds hearings on anti Iraq resolution

See The Rest Of The Comic Here

3 Responses to “You Say You Want a Resolution…?”

  1. Axeman Says:

    Right on HL, Right on.

  2. Buzz Says:

    Yeah lets make sure we do this when the country is asleep, before a long weekend.

    Hopefully a bomb will go off in Bagdhad or a plane will blow up somewhere so our vote is not the top story come Tuesday morning.

  3. Buck Says:

    Your going to have to amend the constitution to make the speaker of the house co-commander and chief! Its no going to pass however! You can pass resolutions hither and yond and there is no legal authority to prevent the president form ordering troops into battle any place any time! So sayeth the constitution! Declarations of war are nothing more than symbolic! Roosevelt could have threw down even if congress had failed to pass a declaration of war after Pearl Harbor! The fact that is a global war on terror gives the President broad authority to pursue enemys of this nation.

    Folks I like the debate that is happening now amoungst us all. You have one side that thinks there was a mass conspiracy and that the government is actually responsible for 9/11. Then they turn around like the John Kerry brethren that they are and tell us we did not go after Bin Laden like we should have and Bush screwed up! If it was a goverment cover up you turds why in the holly stinking hell do you keep saying Bush lost Bin Laden? If You think explosive charges actually brought down the twin towers why are you saying Bush lost Bin Laden?? F**k Almighty already! This should be no suprise however! This comes from those who are in denial! Denial about the global war on terror. That is why the dems have come up with the Denial of the global war on terror Act of 2007!!