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Army Monitoring Soldier Blogs To Make Sure No Truth Gets Out

Posted in Email, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 6th, 2007 10:13 am by HL

US Army sued for spying on blogs

PC Advisor
A US Army unit that monitors thousands of websites and soldiers’ blogs has been served with a lawsuit by a San Francisco-based privacy group.
In the suit filed in the US District Court in Washington last week, the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) said that despite several requests for information from the Army unit, known as the Awrac (Army Web Risk Assessment Cell), no answers have been provided.

In an announcement about the lawsuit last week, the EFF said that some bloggers have cut back on their posts or shut down their sites after being contacted by the Awrac. “Soldiers should be free to blog their thoughts at this critical point in the national debate on the war in Iraq,” Hofmann said. “If the Army is colouring or curtailing soldiers’ published opinions, Americans need to know about that interference.”

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