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Archive for January 30th, 2013

Illinois’s Downgrade Makes It America’s Greece

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on January 30th, 2013 12:08 am by HL

Illinois’s Downgrade Makes It America’s Greece

Conservatives Should Snap Out Of It
James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
WASHINGTON–We spent part of the weekend at the National Review Institute Summit. Less than a week into Barack Obama's second term, you wouldn't expect a conservative conclave in the capital to be a cheery affair, and this one lived up to expectations. Slate's Dave Weigel reports that NRI summits are always like this:National Review has only held two other post-election summits"”they save 'em for real debacles. In 1993, William F. Buckley gathered 1,000 conservatives in the nearby Mayflower Hotel, to vent and strategize about the threat of Bill Clinton….

Republicans Will Never Attract Minorities
Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
What with everything going on these days, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Reince Priebus hasn't been foremost in your mind lately. Well, this is your opportunity to correct that error, because I deliver tidings that the Republican National Committee is holding its winter meeting right now, starting yesterday, in Charlotte. A-No.1 on Chairman Priebus's list, say advance reports, is figuring ways the GOP can attract more support among minorities. Well, they could. But they'd have to do things that would make them not the Republican Party anymore, and their base would…

Immigration Bills Take Shape. Can One Pass?
Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
Moments of bipartisanship are so fleeting on Capitol Hill these days that when a group of U.S. senators — four Democrats and four Republicans — introduced a rough outline for immigration reform Monday, it was considered a breakthrough. The plan, which includes a path to citizenship for illegal residents, prompted the question that will be asked about most major bills over the next two years: Can it get through the Republican-led House of Representatives?But the lower chamber might soon have an immigration breakthrough of its own. A bipartisan group of House lawmakers is a step ahead of its…

Marco Rubio’s Immigration Reality Show
Dana Milbank, Washington Post
Marco Rubio was a bundle of nervous energy as he waited his turn to speak about the bipartisan immigration plan he had helped to draft. The Republican senator from Florida clasped his hands in front, then in back, then in front again. He poked his tongue into his cheek, he clenched his jaw, and he licked his lips. He fiddled with his suit-jacket button once, then again, then a third time. He rubbed his fingers together, then interlocked them.