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Have the Nation’s Leaders Ever Seemed Smaller?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on January 2nd, 2013 12:08 am by HL

Have the Nation’s Leaders Ever Seemed Smaller?

Rupert Murdoch’s Make-or-Break Venture
Michael Wolff, The Guardian
Turn autoplay offTurn autoplay onPlease activate cookies in order to turn autoplay offAs the octogenarian mogul marshals his ailing newspaper group, he faces the sternest test of his business acumen to dateIn my world, one of the great sports of the New Year is going to be watching Rupert Murdoch de-hitch his newspapers from his entertainment companies. Seldom, in a business context, has a man of such stature and accomplishment and at so advanced an age been asked not just to reinvent himself, but to prove himself all over again. He may retain the CEO title for his entertainment company, but…

Long Walk, Short Piers
James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
America once produced its own bumptious television hosts. Men like Phil Donahue, Wally George, Morton Downey Jr. and Geraldo Rivera did rough and degrading work, but at least they knew the dignity of having a job.Now, they say, it has become one of those jobs Americans won't do. American media companies are forced to import workers like Piers Morgan, an Englishman who for just under two years has hosted a prime-time program on CNN. Although the show is little-watched, Morgan made news recently because of his abusive interview tactics.On his Dec. 18 show, NewsBusters.org notes, Morgan…