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Archive for October 30th, 2012

Foolproof Plan for Obama Victory

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on October 30th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Foolproof Plan for Obama Victory
Will Marshall, Politico
The last time Barack Obama sought my political advice was, let’s see, when was it … oh yeah – never. That’s a shame, because like every D.C. pundit who never won more than a high school election, I’m sure I know exactly what he needs to do to win a second term.So Mr. President, here it is: my foolproof if unsolicited plan for eking out a victory next month over hard-charging Mitt Romney. Its goal is to enable you to seize America’s pragmatic political center, and it has four parts: 

As Go Catholics, So Goes the Nation?
John Baer, Philadelphia Daily News
MY ONLY PRAYER for next week's election is that it ends with a winner.I say this because of the threat of an unresolved result, an Electoral College tie.That would set the stage for (pick one) arm-twisting, blackmailing or bribing electors to change their votes on or before meeting Dec. 17, or House/Senate action in January producing a Romney/Biden administration.

Sandy Teaches a Lesson
Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Back when he was being “severely conservative,” Mitt Romney suggested that responsibility for disaster relief should be taken from the big, bad federal government and given to the states, or perhaps even privatized. Hurricane Sandy would like to know if he'd care to reconsider.The absurd — and dangerous — policy prescription came in a GOP primary debate in June. Moderator John King said he had recently visited communities affected by severe weather, and noted that the Federal Emergency Management Agency “is about to run out of money.”

Unrest Roils China’s Burgeoning Middle Class

Romney: An Independent Choice for President
David Walker, Wash Times
America is at a critical crossroads. We have strayed from the principles and values on which our nation was founded. We also face a range of challenges that threaten our collective future, chief among these being how to grow the economy, generate jobs and put our nation's deteriorating finances in order.Over the past seven years I have traveled to 49 states addressing the public on our huge fiscal challenges and how to address them, including a recent 34-day, 27-state and 9,500-plus mile national fiscal responsibility bus tour. During this trip, I solicited voters' views on ways to…