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Archive for October 8th, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Continuous Mendacity

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on October 8th, 2012 11:09 pm by HL

Mitt Romney’s Continuous Mendacity
Joe Conason, Truthdig
“It's not easy to debate a liar,” complained an email from one observer of the first presidential debate — and there was no question about which candidate he meant. Prevarication, falsification, fabrication are all familiar tactics that have been employed by Mitt Romney without much consequence to him ever since he entered public life, thanks to the inviolable taboo in the mainstream media against calling out a liar (unless, of course, he lies about sex).Yes, President Obama ought to have been better prepared for Romney's barrage of blather and bull. The Republican's…

Pew: Romney Surges to Lead After Debate
Steven Shepard, National Jrnl
Question? Call us at 800-207-8001 | Sign In | Learn About MembershipBy Steven ShepardFormer Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has surged following his strong debate performance last week, and he now holds a slight lead over President Obama among likely voters, according to a new poll released Monday by the Pew Research Center.Romney is more highly regarded on most personal traits and issues than he was prior to the debate, and his supporters are now more enthusiastic and engaged in the campaign than they were last month. The poll also shows significant increases in the number of voters who…

Can Obama Hang On in Ohio?
Alex Altman, Time
Barack Obama’s soggy supporters looked grim as they waited for the President in a cold sideways rain. Many had been huddled for hours without umbrellas, droplets beading on their skimpy ponchos and drenching the astroturf at Cleveland State University’s soccer field. “I know everybody is a little wet,” Obama acknowledged when he took the makeshift stage. “I want to thank everybody who’s up there in the stands. We appreciate you.” The applause was muted. If the crowd arrived fired up and ready to go, the rain had doused some…

Fiscal Nightmare of Government’s Creation
Ralph Reiland, Pittsburgh TR
The way the federal government runs things already is bad enough, but it’ll just get worse in the years ahead, according to the government’s own top-level number crunchers.In fiscal year 2011 — Oct. 1, 2010, to Sept. 30, 2011 — the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that the federal government spent $3.6 trillion, or 24 percent of the gross domestic product ­— 24 percent of the monetary value of all the goods and services produced in the United States in that year, the highest federal-spending-to-GDP ratio since World War II.

Romney Opens Cracks in Obama Firewall
Michael Barone, DC Examiner
Wednesday night's presidential debate in which Mitt Romney shellacked Barack Obama attracted the biggest audience since the debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan seven days before the 1980 election.About 70 million Americans watched, a little more than half the 131 million voter turnout in 2008. That's an estimate, because the ratings companies don't count those watching on C-SPAN, PBS or the Internet.