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Archive for August 16th, 2012

Voodoo Economics Still Isn’t a Plan

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on August 16th, 2012 11:08 pm by HL

Voodoo Economics Still Isn’t a Plan
Joe Conason, Truthdig
By naming Paul Ryan as the Republican vice presidential nominee, Mitt Romney has endorsed what used to be known as “voodoo economics” — and restored that special brand of Republican superstition to the center of national debate.To take Ryan seriously, as all too many pundits and politicians insist we must, requires everyone to behave as if the plans he produced as House Budget Committee chairman represent a meaningful effort to improve the nation's fiscal future. Sooner or later, however, real analysts will scrutinize the Ryan budget using honest math instead of humbug and…

Ryan Could Lead the GOP For A Generation
Charles Krauthammer, IBD
Vice presidential picks are always judged by their effect on the coming election. They rarely have any.This time could be different. The Democrats' Mediscare barrage is already in full swing. Paul Ryan, it seems, is determined to dispossess grandma, then toss her over a cliff. If the charge is not successfully countered, goodbye Florida.

Who’s Raiding Medicare? Hint: Not Obama
Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
By now, you should know all about the hypocrisy of Romney attacking Obama for cutting Medicare. Paul Ryan put the same cuts in his budget plan. And while Romney has insisted he’d restore them, his budget doesn't have room for that. If he’s serious about his overall spending plan, then he’d surely have to cut Medicare by as much as Obama did. In fact, he’d probably have to cut it by even more. And that's just in the first ten years.Still, the power of this ad is the appeal to senior citizens: Obama is taking your money and giving it somebody…