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Archive for August 2nd, 2012

The Romney Plan for Economic Recovery

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on August 2nd, 2012 11:09 pm by HL

The Romney Plan for Economic Recovery
Glenn Hubbard, Wall St. Journal
We are currently in the most anemic economic recovery in the memory of most Americans. Declining consumer sentiment and business concerns over policy uncertainty weigh on the minds of all of us. We must fix our economy's growth and jobs machine.We can do this. The U.S. economy has the talent, ideas, energy and capital for the robust economic growth that has characterized much of America's experience in our lifetimes. Our standard of living and the nation's standing as a world power depend on restoring that growth. 

What Mitt Romney’s Gaffes Tell Us
Ruth Conniff, The Progressive
Mitt Romney lurched through his trip overseas from gaffe to gaffe–making himself a lightening rod for mockery in London when he publicly questioned the city's readiness for the Olympics, then praising socialized medicine for keeping so many Israeli citizens healthy at such a low cost compared with this country (hey, why don't we try that here? . . . oops!). He wound up his tour of the Middle East backpedaling frantically, denying what he said about Palestinian cultural inferiority being responsible for the territories' economic hardships.This last remark, which Palestinian…

Romney Must Make the Case to Break Up the Banks
Ross Douthat, NYT
My Campaign Stops column this week runs through Mitt Romney’s possible vice presidential picks, and concludes that everything we’ve seen from the Romney campaign suggests they’ll make the most cautious, first-do-no-harm, don’t-rock-the-boat choice possible — which probably means picking the competent, experienced, and completely unexciting Ohio Senator Rob Portman. For further evidence that Team Romney is happy with the course they’re on, here’s National Review’s Robert Costa on the plan to reintroduce…