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Shannyn Moore: Palin Loses the War

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on April 17th, 2009 4:40 am by HL

Shannyn Moore: Palin Loses the War
I’ve said that the governor’s political ambition combined with her intellect is like a jet engine on a golf cart. Today, the legislature managed to find the brakes.

Sophia A. Nelson: Bush Era CIA Memos Released: In A Tough World, You Gotta Have Even Tougher Interrogation Tactics
Here we go again. Boy do I long for the days of Ronald Reagan when rogue actors like Momar Kadafi were greeted with American pilots…

Shepard Fairey: If the AP Has the Right to Do What It’s Done, Then So Do I
If AP photographs that do nothing but depict other artists’ work are protected by fair use, then my work has to be, too. The AP can’t have it both ways.

Julian Brookes: An Interview with Greg Grandin: A Quick Guide to the Summit of the Americas
What should we expect from the Summit of the Americas? What will the main topics of discussion be? I asked author and professor Greg Grandin for a quick guide to the summit.

Taylor Marsh: Rape Law in Afghanistan Goes Down
To put it plainly, the women of Afghanistan, standing up against all odds in a country falling down around them, made world history.

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