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Soldier in Iraq Throws Puppy off Cliff

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on March 4th, 2008 11:21 am by HL

I blame Bush for this. If this guy wasn’t on his third tour maybe he wouldn’t have “snapped.” If he was already a psycho to start with, then he never should have been there in the first place, but they will take anyone now because of Bush’s insanity.
(You Tube keeps taking this video down, but people keep putting it back up. Here is another version I found)

9 Responses to “Soldier in Iraq Throws Puppy off Cliff”

  1. William Williams from Williams Says:

    what a great angle!? but the camera can make us see things that may or not be. you of all people HL should know not to believe what you see on film.

    also just driving in LA trafic can make a man phyco. it don’t take the miliatry to do it (they just help a little)

  2. Rachel Says:

    i think that the puppy killer should get his family thrown off a cliff and see how he likes it.
    he is an ass and i hope that karma comes fast and hard to him
    he deserves no mercy,

    he is an ass who should get aids and be left in an alley alone and crippeled.
    fuck the marines and the whole army if they dont give me hard punishments for his actions.

    if i hear that nothing has been done than everyone will be hearing from me.
    and i dont care if he was going insane he is a fucking ass who deserves the worst punishment possible.

  3. HL Says:

    Now hold on a second Rachel, I understand you anger. Killing innocent animals is an atrocious crime, but it is still not as bad as killing innocent humans. Funny how we can kill hundreds of thousands of innocent iraqi’s and hardly anyone really cares, but let someone kill a dog, and oh my god, the outrage! I am not in agreement with the PETA crowd who thinks that animals are more important than people. If you want to be outraged, you should be outraged at Bush, and his entire administration, they are the real villians.

    Also about terrorizing the guys family. I don’t agree with that either. If a member of your family snapped and did something stupid, you wouldn’t want people coming after you for it would you?

  4. Robert Says:

    Forget about Bush’s atrocities for a moment. This is another issue. This is about a poor innocent little puppy being killed by an American soldier. This soldier is an asshole. God only know how many Iraqis this asshole has killed just for the fun of it, with Bush’s blessing of course! He’s a sick fuck! He should been thrown off the cliff and Bush with him. I feel sorry for u Americans cause your country is going down the toilet and your moral compass is so fucked up. If you don’t agree with what i say remember u Americans voted for Bush twice! 1 in 100 Americans are locked up in prison, more than any country in the world. Your national debt is in the trillions of dollars and growing like crazy. You have a health care system thats garbage and your social security system is broke and crime is rampant all over your country. Your schools are crap and your infrastructure is collapsing and the world hates you. The image of that puppy being killed by that asshole American soldier sums up what America has become, a monster. U arrogant fools. Then you wonder why those asshole terrorists are out to get u. Hillary and Obama are no better choice than McCain or Bush. WTF? By the way I love Americans don’t get me wrong, but wake up and see the shit that is wrong with your country.

  5. Douglas Says:

    i find Rachel comment quite normal– nobody cares about humans but let animal get hurt and than they want capital punishment- now we know why we do what we do over there.

    Robert– i’m not sure i’ld share your opinon on our culture or schools we still have the greatest inventions ever– IE the phone, the light bulb,we were the first to put a man on the moon the list goes on.

    HL you are doing just what you told Rachel not to do punish ones family just because one snapped– but you are blaming bush because some one snapped. should we go so far as to blame Bush because some jack ass snapped at the post office (-federal job now-) it would be his fault because he should know what every one is doing or thinking and feeling

  6. dave Says:

    mr tough guy soldier throws a puppy over a cliff. this guy had his ass kicked alot in school. the same type of hero that shot up a bunch of classmates at Columbine. This is the type of human we see on the film.
    karma will find him. what goes around comes around. maybe he survived a bunch of tours in iraq. so what? folks like this get the most humiliating death they could deserve. recall jeffery dahmers short lived life in prison.
    you get whats coming.

  7. jamie Says:

    better that this guy takes it out on puppies than human beings.. as we saw what happens when soldiers do snap and take it out on humans in the haditha incident (but then again, none of you bleeding heart PETA liberals would know what the haditha incident is, would you). no, i don’t support the illegal war in iraq. no, i don’t condone this disgusting behavior. but this is an american war – support the mission, or actually work to get the fucking troops back home to stop this shit, instead of sitting on your couch and bitching about what is going on. this is your legacy to your children too. not just president bush’s, not just the soldiers. if you’re an american, you should be ashamed of what is going on in the world – and fucking do something about it.

    west point, class of 2013

  8. dan Says:

    He probably will take it out on humans since torturing animals is a sign of psychopathic tendencies.

  9. Ray Says:

    this dude is sereously screwed up.he needs to pay for what he did.if he gets away with it it will piss me off