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Travelers Even Passing Through US Harrassed Mercilessly

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 27th, 2007 9:21 am by HL

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At least there was a chance for a small break once we’d landed in Los Angeles to change flight crews, restock the food galleys and drinks trolleys and refuel the plane, a chance to stretch our legs in the transit lounge and take a breath of fresh air. So you would think…

And you would be so wrong..

Bear in mind here… we were all ‘non-stop’ transit passengers, due to get straight back on the same plane we’d just gotten off and fly on to Auckland, never setting foot outside the airport and onto American soil.

Judy, in her strong Kiwi accent, demanded from one of the officials standing guard around us why they needed to take our fingerprints or our photographs. ‘It’s the law,’ he mumbled, a bit shamefaced, and spouted a few disconnected bits of pre-memorized clichés about terrorism and security before stuttering to a halt and looking away. Not even the officials at the airport understood why.

5 Responses to “Travelers Even Passing Through US Harrassed Mercilessly”

  1. Hay Says:

    I submit all should carry identity papers with them at all times. Also we should have surveillance cameras everywhere, including in the homes. Only then will the people be safe. We need to be not only a kinder gentler America, but a safe one too.

  2. Friendly Says:

    Tourists should stop visiting until it is safe to do so without the Israelized security systems of the US. If people just say “we’re not spending euros or dollars in your country and we’ll stop traveling to your country until you change,” then business will pressure the asinine administration to get real and stop harassing people and start making people want to return to the US.

    Security is another issue. It’s all fake security and has value, but not when it’s in the hands of “big brother.”

  3. LA Says:

    Hopefully Europeans will stop traveling to the USA and impact the bottom line of those corporations that profit from travel. Maybe they’ll pressure the Bush administration to stop its totalitarian policies.

  4. Hay Says:

    LA: My experience with boycotts is if you want to know the truth behind a matter, boycots are always on the wrong side. That is why Europe will do no such thing. It makes too much sense.

    Of course European governments are masters of totalitarian societies. Their masters have weaned the masses from almost all their income- and the masses are proud of it. Thinking it sophisticated to pay most of their income to the government.

  5. Friendly Says:

    Boycotting empowers you and I because we have little bargaining power when dealing with large corporations. If you spend $200 per month on fuel and multiply that by 20,000 people, that’s about $48 million in annual sales that a company loses because those “consumers” purchased product from a competitor.

    Most people singularly have minimal power to directly affect companies that they reject. That’s why when people collectively take on those corporations, they make an impact. Corporations won’t admit this because it would enable more people to do the same.

    Corporate accountants do follow the numbers and they watch every penny. They’re always concerned whether it flows to the competition or is capitalized. This is why I think boycotts make a difference.